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Tapping Into a Full Keg of Brewery Painting and Flooring Services

In recent years, the plea­sure of beer has been ele­vat­ed to new heights as artis­tic, dri­ven brew­ers are apply­ing both sci­ence and cre­ativ­i­ty to their epic cus­tom cre­ations. The ingre­di­ents are near­ly end­less, just like the poten­tial behind each combination.

Because of this pow­er­ful fol­low­ing, brew­eries have become des­ti­na­tions rather than just pro­duc­tion facil­i­ties. And, of course, for a des­ti­na­tion to be tru­ly spec­tac­u­lar and wel­com­ing, it requires inten­sive plan­ning, design, and sur­faces that are just as func­tion­al as they are appeal­ing. Here at Kaloutas, we have enjoyed part­ner­ing with numer­ous local brew­eries, tai­lor­ing our paint­ing and floor­ing ser­vices to their very unique needs.

Most recent­ly, we had the dis­tinct plea­sure of work­ing close­ly with Tree­house Brew­ing Com­pa­ny as they opened their stun­ning new loca­tion in Charl­ton, MA.

Paint­ing and Floor­ing Ser­vices for Brew­eries in Massachusetts

Diverse Floor­ing Ser­vices for a New Mass­a­chu­setts Brewery

The founders of Tree­house Brew­ing Com­pa­ny select­ed us to han­dle their paint­ing and floor­ing needs pri­mar­i­ly because of the scope of the ser­vices we offer.

Projects on a scale like this involve the col­lab­o­ra­tion of many pro­fes­sion­als — our large team, flex­i­bil­i­ty, and diverse ser­vices help to sim­pli­fy the process by keep­ing the work in-house. Tak­ing this con­ve­nience a step fur­ther, we can pro­vide a sin­gle point of con­tact as well, stream­lin­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion while max­i­miz­ing efficiency.

We’d like to take you on a tour first of our brew­ery floor­ing ser­vices, com­plet­ed by our Indus­tri­al Floor­ing divi­sion. In our next arti­cle we’ll show you the paint­ing com­po­nents of the project.

And, be sure to click through our slideshow above! If you live here in the Greater Boston area, we also sug­gest sched­ul­ing a vis­it soon to check it out in person.

Pol­ished Con­crete — Bring­ing Prac­ti­cal­i­ty and Style Together

As we men­tioned above, this is not just a facil­i­ty but a destination.

We pol­ished the con­crete through­out the mez­za­nine and cus­tomer recep­tion area to an 800 grit fin­ish, cre­at­ing a sur­face that is classy, wel­com­ing, and offers the need­ed wow fac­tor” for those first enter­ing the building.

On a prac­ti­cal note, pol­ished con­crete offers sev­er­al dis­tinct benefits:

  • Dura­bil­i­ty
  • Ease of maintenance
  • By treat­ing the sur­face with a sil­i­cate based con­crete den­si­fi­er, you can enjoy a long-last­ing shine with­out any type of coating
  • Quick turn­around time (since no coat­ings are involved)

Build­ing a Brew­ery Floor

Brew­ery Floor­ing Services

Our floor­ing work through­out the rest of the facil­i­ty includ­ed the following:

  • Installed Euclid clear seal­er to the raw con­crete in all stor­age and non-brew­ing/­can­ning areas of the warehouse.
  • We saw-cut and filled all of the joints in the facil­i­ty using Met­zger McGuire RS-88, cre­at­ing a more san­i­tary envi­ron­ment and pro­tect­ing the joints from future spalling of the con­crete edges.
  • Installed Duraflex MDB Ure­thane Cement at all brew­ing and can­ning areas. Ure­thane cement is a high-per­for­mance floor­ing solu­tion that is ide­al­ly suit­ed for the demands of this type of envi­ron­ment. Not only does it exhib­it excel­lent resis­tance to the chem­istry of a brew­house, but also can with­stand impact and wear, con­stant cycles of hot and cold wash­ing, and pro­vides invalu­able mois­ture con­trol as well. As an added ben­e­fit, it looks fan­tas­tic, cre­at­ing the per­fect blend of per­for­mance and aes­thet­ic val­ue that Tree­house Brew­ing needs.
  • Repitched the poured floor in the brew­ing and can­ning areas to achieve the prop­er pitch to the cen­tral drains (more on this below!).
  • Installed an inte­gral cove base through­out the brew­house, and berms to con­tain any over­flow. The cove base (a gen­tle curve where the floor meets the wall) and berms offer both ease of clean­ing and spill containment. 

Cor­rect­ing the Pitch in a Con­crete Floor

Achiev­ing a cor­rect­ly pitched floor was an essen­tial com­po­nent of our work.

Not only did we need to remove a poten­tial trip­ping haz­ard, but we also want­ed to make sure that all of the liq­uid that reach­es the floor in the brew­ing and can­ning areas will flow to the cen­tral drains.

We worked close­ly with our friends on the Dur-A-Flex team, repitch­ing the con­crete to ensure that the floor met Tree­house Brewery’s needs.

We Passed the Golf Ball Test!

The brew­ery team demon­strat­ed the effec­tive­ness of the pitch by per­form­ing the golf ball test”: let­ting the ball roll across the floor toward the drains, imi­tat­ing the flow of liq­uids released from the tanks. The floor passed with fly­ing colors!

Can Your Com­mer­cial Painter Pro­vide Total Sched­ul­ing Flexibility?

Flex­i­bil­i­ty, adjust­ing to changes made to the project scope, main­tain­ing a rapid pace, and close coor­di­na­tion with oth­er trades at work were just a few ele­ments of the process.

As we touched on above, this project also uti­lized near­ly all of our paint­ing and floor­ing ser­vices. It was a plea­sure to play such a large role in the cre­ation of this incred­i­ble brew­ery, part­ner­ing with so many tal­ent­ed pro­fes­sion­als along the way.

And yes, the beer is amazing.

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