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5 Containment Strategies for Your Commercial or Industrial Painting Project

Posted on Friday, November 18, 2016

We put a high value on containment, and so should you!


We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: your Kaloutas team believes in the 3 C’s of a successful commercial or industrial painting project.

Communication, coordination, and containment.

Communication and coordination are essential in any work environment, but especially so in a facility like yours. Whether you’ve constructed new square footage, are in the process of rebranding, are fitting out an office space for a new tenant, or are completing much-needed property maintenance, there are numerous moving parts to keep in order. And, as a service provider, we want to make your life simpler in any way we can. Working with other trades, coordinating with your shifts and operations, and meeting tight deadlines is what we do. And yes, this all involves expert communication and coordination.

So, how about containment? What does that look like for your project, and what value does it offer?

Insights on Commercial and Industrial Containment

Why Is Containment So Valuable?

Unless we’re working during a previously-scheduled plant shutdown, we know that we’ll rarely ever be alone. And, your needs will always dictate our practices.

Experienced, expert containment strategies ensure that our work will stay confined to our specific workspace, and that surrounding operations won’t be negatively impacted in any way.

5 Containment Strategies Developed with You in Mind

Every site is unique and requires a customized approach, but in general these strategies are standard features of our containment practices.

  • Floor to ceiling “asbestos grade” containment using 4mil fire-retardant plastic. We will move these “walls” as needed, essentially encapsulating our work as we progress through your facility.
  • We will create a dust-free barrier between our workspace and yours (even if it’s only a few feet away). This protects your team, equipment, instruments, products, and commodities from any contaminants.
  • Complete containment of FOD (Foreign Object Debris).
  • We maintain safe OSHA, ISO and GMP standards. Protecting both our team and yours is a top priority!
  • Our containment practices also provide a visual barrier that prevents any distractions for your workforce.

Let’s Talk About Your Property Maintenance Strategy!

We take service seriously, and do all that we can to leverage our skills, experience, and manpower to effectively meet your needs. Since every project is unique, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss the particulars of your painting, flooring, or industrial cleaning needs.

We look forward to serving you!

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