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5 Ways to Enhance Your Business’ Curb Appeal in Greater Boston

Posted on Friday, May 26, 2017

When you hear the words “curb appeal,” you might first think of houses, and tips/tricks to help your property sell faster on the residential real estate market.

The truth is, curb appeal applies to commercial properties as well, and involves strategies for creating a fresh, enticing look that draws patrons and newcomers alike. What catches their eye on the street and encourages them to walk through your door?

Or, you may be more concerned with offering a stylish, welcoming appeal for prospective clients. Your property’s appearance is, after all, the first impression you offer.

Is it a good one?

5 Crucial Ways to Refresh Your Property’s Appeal This Summer

  • Exterior Painting - Healthy, stylish exterior paint is not only a practical asset and part of your facility’s care, but is also your chance to provide a professional appearance.
  • Pressure Washing - If painting isn’t a necessity this summer, a professional pressure washing may be all you need to rinse away winter’s unsightly (and harmful!) residue.
  • Parking Lot Maintenance Painting - When light poles, bollards, safety rails, and structural components of your parking area are in good repair, the safety and professionalism of your entire property is enhanced.
  • Is Your Sign Bright and Readable? - Age and the elements can take a toll, especially in our New England climate. Fresh paint will help your exterior branding and signage stand out.
  • Interior Annual Maintenance - An annual refresh of the high traffic areas in your common spaces will leave your clients and guests with a positive impression. This can include attractive, stylish paint, wallcoverings, graphics, and more.

5 Real-Life Examples of Painting and Maintenance Strategies

The projects below all involve real, local businesses in the Greater Boston area. Take a look, and see what kind of a difference strategic painting and maintenance can make:

Who Is Your Commercial Painting Partner?

It’s important to choose an experienced professional who can meet all of your diverse needs. If your commercial or industrial facility is located here in the Greater Boston area, we encourage you to contact us at Kaloutas. It would be our pleasure to serve you!

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