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Durable Floor Measuring Lines in Colchester, CT

If you are at all familiar with industrial painting and flooring, you probably have heard of and seen (maybe even use!) safety line striping. These stripes work much in the...

Commercial Flooring Options for Breweries

Commercial Flooring Options for Breweries

Just as with any food or beverage production environment, we know that you need the flooring in your brewery to be tough, reliable, and sanitary. After all, it experiences a...

interior and exterior commercial painting in Lynn, MA

Painting and Repairing a Historic Building in Lynn, MA

Recently we had the opportunity to paint the simultaneously friendly and castle-like Pondview Lodge in Lynn, MA. This unique structure, beautifully wrapped in a historic paint scheme, rests right by...

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating - Why Do It?

One of the dangers of flooring is that because it’s underfoot, it’s not often on your mind, making it incredibly easy to take for granted! When...

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