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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding? - Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Property

Posted on Thursday, May 07, 2015

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding? - Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Property

Have you ever wondered if you can paint your commercial property's vinyl siding? After all, the low-maintenance aspect of vinyl is definitely a benefit, but that doesn’t mean that a change isn’t in order every now and then. Colors fade and styles change, leaving the need for a little refreshing and updating. This is especially important when it comes to cultivating an attractive, modern aesthetic to appeal to your clients and guests.

In recent years, painting vinyl siding was generally discouraged. Or, if you did, you really needed to either match the existing paint or switch to a lighter color.


Vinyl absorbs the sunlight all day, and if a darker color is applied it means that even more heat is going to soak into the material. This increased temperature often caused damage, including buckling and paint failure.

Today’s Options for Painting Vinyl Siding

Thanks to the onward march of formula development, there are better options than ever before to meet your exterior painting needs. Products like Sherwin Williams’ line of VinylSafe colors not only offer tremendous style, but also can be used to safely change your siding to a darker color.

How Else Can You Care for Your Vinyl Siding?

If you like your existing color and simply want to bring back a little of the original shine, have you considered power washing? This is a fantastic way to rinse away mold, mildew, dirt, and other contaminants that are finding a home on your property.

A little care and TLC will go a long way in the effort to keep your siding beautiful and sound.

Do You Need a Professional Painter?

The Kaloutas team has been proudly meeting the painting needs of commercial and industrial clients since 1987. It would be our pleasure to answer any questions that you might have, and to develop the perfect painting and maintenance plan to help your commercial property shine.

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