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Chemical Resistant and Containment Coatings

Posted on Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Chemical Resistant and Containment Coatings

If your production, product handling, packaging, and transport require the use and handling of chemicals, you know it only takes one spill or drip of a caustic chemical for chemical corrosion to compromise and damage industrial flooring.

Chemical resistant coatings are a wise investment for any manufacturing facility, warehouse, or industrial site where chemicals are handled and produced.

What to Know About Chemical Resistant Coating

Benefits of Chemical Resistant Coating

Chemical resistant coatings protect flooring from the chemical damage and corrosion due to:

  • Splashes, spills, or drips

  • Solvents

  • Acids/Alkalis

Along with flooring protection, chemical-resistant coatings uphold the aesthetic of your flooring by preventing chemical stains.

These floor coatings are cost-effective. Repeated work stoppage for repairs, recoating, and refinishing after spills are significantly reduced if coatings are designed to withstand contact with chemicals.

You’ll also have greater peace of mind when it comes to compliance. Keeping flooring intact, cleaned, and well-maintained is essential to passing building inspections and sustaining compliance with industry health and safety standards.

Containment Coatings

Of course, industrial flooring isn’t the only surface that requires protection from chemical corrosion. Containment coatings keep equipment, walls, ceilings, linings, and fixtures safe while they are in contact with chemicals.

Regular inspection, application, and upkeep of these coatings are essential to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for everyone who uses containers and equipment in your facility.

Only Trust Expert Installation

Improper chemical resistant coating or containment coating installation is not a liability you can afford. Your reputation and the well being of your employees depend on hiring an industrial flooring installer you can trust. 

Kaloutas teams have decades of experience installing, coating, and cleaning industrial flooring in highly chemically sensitive and volatile environments. We work according to guidelines, and your safety and security protocol, to complete every industrial flooring project to the highest standards with no work stoppage

Our proactive facility maintenance approach means you never have to worry about facility safety, cleanliness, or appearance. We’ll work together to plan painting, cleaning, flooring, and repair projects according to your schedule and your production demands. 

Take the necessary steps to ensure your flooring is protected from chemical damage. Request your chemical resistant coating estimate today.

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