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Commercial Painting: What Will it Cost?

Posted on Friday, June 07, 2019

Commercial Painting: What Will it Cost?

Once you know your business needs a new paint job, the first thing bound to cross your mind is the cost. Even if you know that commercial painting is a good and necessary investment, you do not want to go bankrupt to get the job done. You want to know what the job should cost you so you can craft a budget and hire the best contractor to meet your needs.

There are a number of factors involved in determining exactly what a commercial painting project will cost. Knowing what these are and how they might affect the overall cost will empower you to make the best decision for your business. Here, we will go over some of these variables and how they contribute to an estimate.

What to Expect for Cost of Your Commercial Painting

Paint and Labor

The two main components of any paint job are the paint itself and the people doing the painting, which will ultimately determine the quote you receive from commercial painting contractors. Paint costs vary based on brand, quality, type, and specialty; while labor costs will depend on the service you hire and any relevant state laws. On average, a gallon of commercial paint costs about $30, and workers might be paid anywhere from $15-$45/hour depending on their skills, experience, union involvement, etc.

How Large is Your Facility?

In most cases, the bigger your workplace, the more expensive your paint job will be. However, the size of your facility is less important than the amount of surface area that needs covering. The latter will dictate the amount of paint needed and the hours of labor worked. If you own a large space but only need the ceilings painted, you will come away with a smaller bill than you would if you needed every square inch coated, of course.

Starting From Scratch vs. Touching Up

The next aspect to consider when figuring out the cost of commercial painting services is the nature of the paint job, i.e. painting brand new surfaces or going over surfaces with older paint. One type of paint job is not necessarily less expensive than the other. For instance, a brand new surface might require more paint to fully cover, but pre-existing paint might need to be removed from another surface before a new coat is added.

In other words, this factor comes down to the particulars of a project. Minor touch-ups are often relatively cheap, but it can take a lot of paint to cover up a darker surface with a lighter shade. The same goes for maintenance painting. These projects can vary from simple and cheap to complicated and expensive depending on the situation.

What Additional Services are Required?

In addition to the paint job itself; your business might require other paint-related services before, during, or after commercial painting. Some companies, like Kaloutas, offer these additional specialty services, such as industrial pressure washing, flooring, caulking, graffiti removal, rust encapsulation, and so much more. These may be considered separate from the commercial paint job itself, but you may decide to hire one company to give you an estimate for all your facility’s needs. Some of these services will make for a longer-lasting, more durable paint job.

Quality Counts

Lastly, quality always contributes to cost. Cheaper paint and less-skilled workers might cost you less initially, but you will end up with worse results. You may even wind up paying more in repairs and maintenance costs in the long haul. It is best to invest in high-quality paint and services from the very beginning. Any additional costs associated with this quality go into maintaining the beauty and durability of your facility, which is well worth it.

The cost of a commercial painting project will depend on all of the above factors and more. It comes down to your specific needs, and how much you are willing to invest in your company’s future. Kaloutas is proud to have been serving New England businesses for over 30 years. Our commercial and industrial painters have experience serving all kinds of facilities and clients. For more information on our services and people, contact us and give us a call at 978-532-1414.

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