Delivering New Style with Commercial Painting and Wallcovering Installation in Lexington, MA

Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2016

Communication is always an important aspect of the commercial painting process, but this Lexington project called for an extra measure of coordination. Not only were a wide variety of painting services needed, but there were also numerous accent color changes made along the way that required us to frequently change course.

Our onsite foreman offered strong project management skill, and we navigated our way through the process seamlessly.

Painting This Building’s CMU Exterior

As you can see in the slideshow above, this building’s exterior was composed of CMU (concrete masonry units). Before we began the actual painting, we first power washed the surface to remove any contaminants that could get in the way of clean, secure adhesion.

We then primed the surface with Loxon masonry primer before applying A-100 satin paint. The grey looks sharp and will certainly age well.

Interior Painting - Bringing Color and Protection to a Variety of Surfaces

As we mentioned above, we had to work on the shifting sands of often-changed accent colors. This is a process we are used to, as the design work for office spaces is rarely set in stone when our services are called for. In total, we painted seven accent colors as we primed and painted all the new and existing walls, ceilings, and soffits. Promar Low-VOC was once again our product of choice. It offers a fantastic finish, and is low-odor as well (an extra bonus!).

We also painted all of the exposed decking, and carefully protected the ductwork as we did. This brought a fresh, finished look to the industrial-style ceiling, and a needed brightness as well. To complete our interior painting, we primed and painted the wood doors and metal frames.

Installing Wood Grain Wallcoverings

As beautiful as interior paint is, wallcoverings are a popular alternative. While not used as comprehensively as paint, they work well as a practical, stylish accent.

Hanging wallcoverings, much like hanging wallpaper, requires a practiced, expert hand. It’s really an art form all in itself. Our team is thoroughly trained, and the process is overseen by one of our experienced project managers, ensuring only the best results for your commercial space.

In this case, we hung a beautiful wood grain wallcovering that contributed to an attractive, custom look.

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