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Exterior Painting in Boston, MA - Picking the Perfect Process and Products for a Busy Boston Bakery

Posted on Friday, August 21, 2015

Have you ever visited Boston? It’s a beautiful city, famous for its sports teams, rich history, educational Freedom Trail, and confusing traffic patterns.

It also has a bustling waterfront scene. As enticing as the coastal highlights may be (who doesn’t love seafood?), the salty air and ever-shifting weather creates an environment that is practically lethal for metal surfaces. Corrosion is a constant threat. This makes it all the more important to make sure that your paint and coatings are up to the task of protecting your property. After all, as soon as corrosion gets a toe-hold you can have a spreading issue on your hands.

This particular project led us to a waterfront bakery in Boston. Our client’s exterior surfaces were tired, and wore tattered coatings that had obviously given up a while ago.

And so, we got to work.

What Kind of Surfaces Did We Prep and Paint?

This project involved a complete exterior repaint, including galvanized metal panel, corrugated non-ferrous metal panel, steel, and CMU block.

Let’s take these one at a time and dig in for a closer look at the work we did. But first, we should also add that as part of the prep process we powerwashed the surfaces with our 5000 PSI pressure washer. This not only thoroughly cleans the surface, but also helps to remove any dirt, loose material, salt, or other residue that could get in the way of a quality application.

We also painted their stone curbs with traffic yellow, adding to the safety and efficiency of the lot.

Now, back to those other surface details.

Painting Corrugated Metal Panel

How Do You Paint CMU Block?

Well, we used Enviro-Crete Series 156: Waterborne acrylic. This application is a flexible, breathable elastomeric coating.

We just heard you ask an important question: what exactly is an elastomeric coating?

Essentially, it is a higher-build (thicker) product that is ideal for masonry. It’s tough, resists moisture, and can stand a little surface movement and flex without skipping a beat. It can be tricky to apply, but when done properly the results are outstanding.

Painting Galvanized Metal - Bringing the Cold Storage Freezer Back to Life

First, this freezer needed to have the existing, decrepit coating completely removed. After that, we applied the following:

  • Primer - Our product of choice here was a waterborne, acrylic resin adhesion primer from RD Coatings. Why is a primer like this important? Well, galvanized steel is, for lack of a better term, slick! A specialized primer is needed to grip onto the surface and offer a strong foundation for the next coats.
  • Midcoat - We used RD Elastometal, an acrylic polymer that wards off corrosion like a pro.
  • Topcoat - This also was a product from RD Coatings, and was specifically a satin, acrylic polymer paint that offers both durability and color retention.

Another fantastic attribute of these RD Coatings products is that they offer a flexible, rubberized, elastomeric coating (there’s that term again). This is ideal for a high-traffic area like this where people will be streaming in and out, bumping the surfaces, etc.

Considerations When Working in a Busy Environment

This is Boston. Navigation can be tricky in the best of circumstances, let alone when you’re dealing with vehicles, equipment, and working hard to transform exterior surfaces in a busy setting!

On top of that, we had these factors to navigate:

  • This location was directly next to the Boston Ship Repair station where they are fully-functional twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We worked in and around their schedule, creating a seamless strategy that worked for everyone.
  • Our client is a busy bakery, so we had an active parking lot to consider, employee shift changes, and their shutdown schedule as well.
  • We had to work with the Boston EDIC and Redevelopment Authority
  • Weekly/daily work permits
  • Public street access
  • Aerial lift access
  • Remember that fickle weather we mentioned? Our labor was dictated by that as well.

In short, this project had a lot of moving parts. But, that’s something we are ready and prepared for at Kaloutas, especially since we live and breathe commercial and industrial property maintenance. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for clients, and deliver quality work that doesn’t interrupt their own schedules and deadlines.

How Did It All Turn Out?

Well, the photos above speak for themselves! The transformation is drastic, and we are thrilled to leave well-protected, strong surfaces behind.

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