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Floor Demolition Services in Massachusetts

Posted on Friday, February 27, 2015

Floor Demolition Services in Massachusetts

We talk quite a bit about our various industrial and commercial flooring services, including repair, installation, customized coatings, and more. This is a huge part of what we do at Kaloutas's industrial flooring division and we enjoy doing it! There is something distinctly satisfying about lining up your needs with the perfect material, coating, or procedure to both meet those needs and better your property as a whole.

Sometimes, however, the process involves not just addition, but also a little subtraction. What we mean by this is that in many cases not only does the new flooring system need to be installed, but the old needs to come out!

Professional Floor Demolition and Removal

Out with the old and in with the new! We can remove your old flooring materials, including carpet, ceramic, wood, VCT tile, and more, thanks to our Terminator machine (it’s an appropriate name!).

After the removal, we also can put our Blastrac shot-blast and diamatic grinders to work, preparing the concrete surface underneath for your next flooring system. As an added bonus, this concrete prep is dust-free, meaning that our work won’t compromise the air quality of your facility.

In a lot of ways, our floor demolition services are like large-scale wallpaper removal. For the project to go smoothly and efficiently it needs to be done well, with the proper equipment, and followed up with prompt preparation for the new coating.

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