Have You Considered a Facility Maintenance Plan for This Winter?

Posted on Monday, November 30, 2015

Have You Considered a Facility Maintenance Plan for This Winter?

If you have read our project blog posts with any regularity, you know that we often encounter coatings that are in need of extreme attention. As one example, take a look at this ceiling painting project we completed in Wakefield, MA.

Or, how about this Boston bakery with its exhausted exterior paint?

Or, you could always take a peek at this industrial cleaning and painting project in Milford (don’t miss the walls!).

You get the idea. The common denominator is that facilities are often ignored until they beg for attention. And, at that point, a lot more is required to get the surfaces back to a healthy, attractive condition.

Why Invest in Routine Property Maintenance?

“Invest” is a carefully-chosen word.

When we invest, we expect (ideally) to see a return, to be paid back in some larger way for a smaller initial pay-out. Aside from just financial investments, this principle is what drives us to change the oil in our car rather than pay for a new motor, or go to the dentist regularly rather than experience a dental catastrophe (that sounds terrible, doesn’t it?).

This principle is also what prompted us at Kaloutas Painting to offer industrial and commercial property maintenance plans.

What Are the Practical Benefits of Routine Facility Care?

  • We handle it so you don’t have to
  • We can catch small points of concern before they grow into larger issues
  • We can check your surfaces on a predictable schedule in a non-intrusive way, making recommendations as needed
  • We can touch up and freshen your coatings, ensuring a consistently attractive, healthy, and protected surface
  • Your scheduling needs are our priority
  • You will save money in the long-run by eliminating the need for widespread, in-depth repairs and coating replacement

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