High-End Commercial Painting and Wallcoverings for a Club in the Boston Seaport District

Posted on Friday, June 09, 2017

This particular commercial painting project called for not only our specialized service capabilities, but also project management flexibility.

Here at Kaloutas, we offer solutions to our clients, and ease their workload by doing whatever it takes to meet deadlines.

In the case of this club in the Boston Seaport District, the work had fallen behind schedule, creating the need for an extremely aggressive timetable. Our team worked second shifts to ensure that the work was done on time, enabling the general contractor to achieve the turnover date.

Let’s take a closer look at the work!

Complete Interior Commercial Painting - Don’t Miss the Gloss Trim!

We painted a wide variety of surfaces within the club, including:

  • Walls, ceilings, and soffits
  • Prepped and painted the chair rail, wainscoting, and picture rail molding (we painted the picture rail with Scuffmaster Metallic paint, providing a blend of eye-catching style and extreme durability)
  • Trim work

All of the trim was painted with a gloss product from Sherwin-Williams. Not only is this attractive, but higher-gloss paint is also functional and sturdy, easily holding up to high-traffic environments and routine cleaning. Gloss paint also, however, is harder to work with by nature, requiring a high level of prep and application expertise. We took the time to do it right while still meeting the extremely tight deadlines.

Commercial Wallcovering Installation - Taking the Interior Style To a New Level

As you can see in the photos above, the surfaces in this club are just beautiful.

The wallcoverings we were asked to install were particularly exquisite, from the Phillip Jeffries fabric covering the dining room ceiling to the Elitis products on the walls throughout the property. There is no margin for error when it comes to hanging wallcoverings like these, but when the process is done correctly the results are just stunning, adding a whole new layer of color, texture, and style.

It was our pleasure to help achieve these tight deadlines, and contribute to the creation of this beautifully updated club.

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