How Can We Meet Industrial Painting Needs with a Tight Deadline? It All Comes Down to Our Team

Posted on Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our client, located in Hooksett, NH, is one of the largest privately-held construction firms in the nation. Specializing in the production of world-class jet engines and components for both military and commercial aircraft, they work with tight deadlines, production requirements, and need a work space that is conducive to their operations.

Their products are certainly fast, and so was their desired turnaround time for the recent expansion of their Hooksett facility.

Interior Industrial Painting - Turning On Our Afterburners

With an eye on the clock (or, more specifically, the calendar), we were asked to handle painting the exposed structure within their massive new addition, the painting of their office space, and the application of a new floor system as well.

Because of the size and flexibility of our team, we were able to simultaneously paint their office and industrial space, creating the most efficient work strategy possible.

  • We painted all of the exposed deck overhead.
  • The drywall portions were painted with interior latex paint from Sherwin-Williams, and we chose a durable eggshell finish.
  • The CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) walls were painted with an epoxy paint, also from Sherwin-Williams.

Why Should You Consider Painting Your Concrete Block Walls with Epoxy Paint?

Not many people outside of the professional painting industry know that newly-constructed masonry scores very high on the pH scale. In other words, it is very acidic and can cause alkali burn. This results in the discoloration and failure of the paint or primer.

The level of acidity does drop over time during the natural curing process, but when you are working with a strict timetable it’s not always realistic or possible to wait for nature to take its course. When time is of the essence, more specialized products need to be called into play.

For this project, we chose an epoxy paint from Sherwin-Williams that was developed to offer a durable, flexible coating for CMU walls. This is a superb product and it kept us right on track with our timeline.

Why Is an Epoxy Floor System Perfect for this Industrial Space, and Maybe for Yours?

In an environment where there is going to be a heavy volume of foot traffic, machinery, and equipment, you need a floor that can work just as hard as you do and make it look easy.

A seamless epoxy floor system like we installed for our client here offers numerous practical benefits, including:

  • Fast application and curing time
  • Low-odor and environmentally friendly
  • Impact resistant
  • Offers a stylish, protective barrier for your concrete
  • Easy to clean
  • Customizable
  • Low porosity, making it a stain resistant and sanitary

All aspects of the project were finished to our client’s specifications and right on schedule. It was our pleasure to help!

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