How Do You Know When You’ve Found the Right Commercial Painting Contractor?

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

If you own or manage a commercial property, you know that a quality painting contractor doesn’t just provide services, but is a real maintenance ally. It’s a partnership, and your facility is the shared interest.

How do you go about finding this kind of ally? The key is to know exactly what to look for, identifying specific characteristics that indicate whether or not a commercial painting company is the right fit for your needs.

Finding a Quality Commercial Painting Contractor - Don’t Settle!

  • Find a Painter with Happy Clients - Research reviews, testimonials, and feedback from past clients. This is an ideal way to gauge what level of service your prospective commercial painter offers.
  • Explore Your Networks - Utilize your professional networks, asking your peers who they have worked with and what kind of experience they had.
  • Are They Safety-Certified? - Training and credentials aren’t just a feather in their cap, but a way that a painting contractor puts their priorities on display. Safety certifications, professional development, and ongoing training shows a relentless pursuit of excellence. You want that kind of knowledge, dedication, and drive on your side.
  • How Big Is Their Team? - Meeting deadlines and diverse needs becomes exponentially easier when you have a sizeable team of trained professionals. From routine touch-ups to transforming massive ceiling decks and expansive warehouses, you need a painter that can handle it all and keep it in-house.

Can You Easily Determine What Your Commercial Painter Is Proud Of?

This may sound abstract at first, but it’s a powerful strategy that will offer very tangible benefits.

As you explore a commercial or industrial painting company’s website, blogs, service pages, and portfolio of work, can you tell what they’re proud of? Do they use tired cliches to push services, or do they demonstrate their values on job site after job site?

For example, our clients here in New England know that we are extremely proud of our reputation for meeting deadlines (no matter what it takes), providing a solution-based approach to every project (no excuses), and solving problems. From selecting the right floor system to project containment so your facility’s operations aren’t impacted, we will creatively and effectively do what it takes to alleviate frustrations and meet your facility’s needs.

If your property is in the Greater Boston area, contact us at Kaloutas! It would be a pleasure to discuss your maintenance and facility improvement goals. If you’re located elsewhere, we hope these tips help guide you to the right commercial painter; one with whom you can forge a successful, effective partnership.

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