How Fire Resistive Paints Can Protect Your Assets

Posted on Tuesday, May 04, 2021

How Fire Resistive Paints Can Protect Your Assets

No matter how vigilant you are, fire can strike any facility, especially those that deal with combustible materials, chemicals, and significant energy output. Should a fire start in your workplace, safety should be your first priority. Once your people are safe and sound, the state of your assets will naturally be your next concern. Even a minor fire can do significant damage to your equipment, surfaces, and structural components, which may necessitate costly repairs or entire replacements. The more you can do to prevent the worst effects fire has to offer, the better. 

Kaloutas can help you do just that with our traditional fireproofing services (i.e. cementitious fireproofing) and intumescent coatings. Here’s how fire resistive paint, in particular, can protect your assets.

The Benefits of Fireproofing Assets

Creates a Buffer Between Equipment and High Temperatures

All protective coatings are meant to seal a particular surface from various threats, such as moisture, oxidation, impact, and so on. Fireproof paint, however, is specifically designed to shield the underlying material from intense flames that might cause it to crack, melt, explode, or otherwise break down. Without this specialized buffer, your assets are vulnerable to extreme heat. By coating particular assets with fire resistive paint, those high temperatures can’t get as close to the substrate and therefore cannot do as much damage. Even components considered fireproof, such as steel beams, can be affected by fire. Though they won't melt and fall apart right away, damage from fire can interfere with their integrity, which compromises the resiliency of your entire building. Even if a surface that’s protected by fire resistive paint gets damaged during a fire, you most likely won’t need to dish out as much on repairs as you would otherwise. 

Offers Flexibility for Maximum Coverage

Fire resistive paint isn’t the only fireproofing option available. That said, it is one of the most versatile. Unlike rigid fireproof board insulation or traditional cementitious fireproofing, fire resistive coatings can be applied to virtually any surface (save for those in environments with high levels of ambient moisture). Whether you wish to protect hardwood, plasterboard, metal, brick, stone, etc., fire resistive paints can easily cover every inch of the surface in question via spraying or traditional painting methods.

Can Be Applied Over Non-Fireproof Coatings

Whereas certain fireproofing materials require the substrate to be bare before application, most fire resistive paint products can easily and effectively be installed directly over previous coatings -- even if the old coating isn’t resistant to fire. This might seem like a minor detail, but in truth, it’s a major time saver when you consider what it takes to completely remove old coatings to make way for new ones. By facilitating fireproofing in this way, you might be more compelled to coat more of your assets with fire resistive paint, saving you time and money in the long run.

Gives First Responders More Time to Act

All commercial fireproofing efforts are in no small part meant to extend the window of time which is critical for occupants to safely evacuate the premises and firefighters to quell the flames. When properly applied, fire resistive paint slows the growth and spread of fire, reduces the fire’s intensity, and reduces the amount of smoke produced by a fire. In doing so, you can help keep your people safe and ensure first responders can more effectively extinguish a fire so your assets undergo minimal damage. This means less downtime getting your building up and running again as well as minimal liability issues for your people.

Helps Prevent Structural Collapse

Aside from your people, your building is most likely your business’ greatest asset of all. If a fire grows too quickly, it can utterly destroy a property, even one that is otherwise structurally sound and in good condition. A total structural collapse isn’t only dangerous -- it’s also potentially the most expensive and devastating blow to your business imaginable, even if you’re well-insured. Coating your structural components with fire resistive paint and/or intumescent fire protective coatings help your building retain its structural integrity during a fire. This means you can avoid being uprooted for an extended period of time and forced to incur expensive construction and repairs.

In short, fire resistive paint protects your assets by shielding almost any structural component from intense heat, facilitating the fireproofing process overall, giving occupants and first responders more time to act, and preventing a total collapse. Failing to protect your business from fires is a major liability -- Kaloutas will make sure you don’t burn out through our custom fireproofing offerings.

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