How the “Know, Like, Trust” Factor Has Made Kaloutas Successful and the Best in the Business

Posted on Tuesday, April 06, 2021

How the “Know, Like, Trust” Factor Has Made Kaloutas Successful and the Best in the Business

Success can be measured in many ways -- profits, growth, results, etc. While these metrics matter, they don’t paint the entire picture of a successful business. No matter the industry, the only way to truly succeed in the long-run is to establish strong bonds with your customers and your employees. You strive to be known, liked, and most of all, trusted - and these things must be earned. Doing so is often easier said than done, requiring a combination of transparency, knowledge, experience, and a real commitment to customer satisfaction. At Kaloutas, this “know, like, trust” factor has set us apart from the pack and helped us to connect with our customers in a more meaningful way. Here’s how we uphold such a standard.

Upfront Agreements Every Time

For starters, all of our contracts contain upfront agreements with a “make it right” guarantee. This means that no matter the project or program, our customers know exactly what they’re paying for from start to finish. There are never hidden fees or sudden additions. If our team makes a mistake or something goes wrong after the fact, we make a point to resolve the issue in the best manner for our customer. Our clients appreciate this level of integrity and trust our teams as a result.

Our Commitment to Communication and Relationship-Building

Our attention to transparency isn’t merely limited to our contracts themselves. Getting the job done properly and on-time remains a top priority, but Kaloutas is more than merely an in-and-out service provider -- we enjoy establishing relationships with each of our clients by getting to know their pain points and their people on a personal level, understanding their industry and facility, and maintaining a strong line of communication throughout the process. These robust relationships have allowed us to essentially become in-house or on-call providers for countless businesses. 

Consistent Quality Work Speaks for Itself

There can be no trust without the work to back it up. We let our work speak for itself, whether it’s showing that we know how to maintain production while doing floors, installing control joints, applying specialty coatings to equipment and ceilings, fireproofing facilities, helping clients in their GMP spaces, and much more.

Putting a Spotlight on Safety and Compliance

Our customers also rely on us to improve their workplace safety and compliance measures. Of course, we lead by example, prioritizing our teams’ safety on the job, abiding by all relevant OSHA regulations, performing job site hazard analyses, and more. This focus on safety allows us to help our clients keep their employees and customers safe, prepare for and pass OSHA and FDA inspections, reduce potential hazards, boost morale, reputation, and more.

Reliable Referrals: Helping Clients Any Way We Can

Whenever possible, we want to be the one helping businesses maintain and improve their facilities and achieve their goals. Sometimes, however, another contractor is needed for various reasons. In this situation, our customers know, like, and trust us enough to help them find the right contractor for the job at hand. Our referral program reduces the red-tape typically associated with contractor onboarding so the right team is ready to go when they’re needed.

Know, Like, Trust: Kaloutas

Kaloutas has built and maintained its success on a foundation of honesty, strong relationships, quality, compliance, and a deep understanding of various industries and trades. We would love to get to know you and your business. And to learn more about us and all that we do, contact us online or give us a call at 978-532-1414.

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