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How We Can Help Real Estate Managers Rent Their Space Faster

Posted on Tuesday, June 15, 2021

How We Can Help Real Estate Managers Rent Their Space Faster

Real estate managers are tasked with juggling countless tasks with the aim of selling or renting a property at the highest price possible, as fast as possible. Properties must be structurally sound, safe, clean, functional, and beautiful. This balancing can be difficult in any environment. Fortunately, teaming up with a reliable full-service commercial company like Kaloutas can remove much of the frustration and confusion that prevents real estate managers from leasing a property.

Here’s how we can help real estate managers lease their spaces faster and for a higher return on investment.

We Tackle Multiple Key Services Under One Umbrella

Even if a property is in relatively good shape, real estate managers must do everything they can to improve its condition if they wish to provide their tenant with the best property possible and maximize their return. There’s a lot to consider here, from safety measures to interior and exterior painting to flooring, and much more. Rather than hire separate services to handle each of these important duties, real estate managers are better off finding one contractor that can oversee it all. Kaloutas provides a multitude of services such as industrial cleaning, painting, industrial flooring, moisture mitigation, caulking, fireproofing installations, and more.

We Have the Infrastructure and Workforce to Handle the Largest Projects

Larger properties can be challenging to rent or sell due to their size -- simply put, the larger a property is, the more repairs and renovations are required. Many service providers simply lack the bandwidth to oversee these larger projects. Not Kaloutas. With our effective office staff and over 80 field personnel, we have the infrastructure and workforce to handle the largest commercial painting, cleaning, maintenance, repair, and industrial flooring projects. As such, Kaloutas gets the job done on time, every time.

We Put Safety First

Real estate managers must prioritize safety in their efforts to sell or rent out their space. Failing to ensure maximum safety can result in costly delays, and/or serious injury. When seeking contractors to improve a property, then, real estate managers should only choose those that put safety first, both in terms of worker protection and preventative maintenance protocols. At Kaloutas, our teams are outfitted with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for each job, and we always ensure that the work is being performed in a safe, compliant manner.

Our Work Adheres to Compliance Standards

Speaking of safety, different industries and types of facilities have different health and safety requirements. Some real estate managers might not be aware of these nuances, but at Kaloutas, we know the ins and outs of every business and facility we serve. Whether a space demands low-VOC paint, eco-friendly flooring solutions, negative air pressure systems, specialized coatings and insulation, etc., our work always adheres to these relevant compliance standards.

We Make Properties Look Good as New

Appearances aren’t everything, but leasing or selling a property is essentially impossible if it doesn’t look good. From industrial and commercial painting, industrial flooring, pressure washing, floor repair and our “make ready” program, we help real estate managers rent their space faster (and boost its market value) by heightening its curb appeal and interior atmosphere.

Whether you’re a real estate manager or a business looking to rent out some space, let the experts at Kaloutas make it easier for you to do so. To learn more about us and all that we do, contact us online, or give us a call at 978-532-1414 today.

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