Interior Painting and Wallcoverings Help This Worcester Theater Enjoy a New Stage of Life

Posted on Friday, July 08, 2016

If you live in the Worcester area and keep your ear to the ground for local news and updates, you likely have heard about the expansion of a well-known, historic theater. An icon already, the goal behind this summer, 2016 expansion was primarily to add a new conservatory where freshly-minted thespians can hone their skills and pursue their passion. It must be inspiring to study and train in such a beautiful old building, steeped in a long history of rich performances.

The Kaloutas team may not exactly consist of dancers, but we certainly are no stranger to the tightly-choreographed ballet of working with strict deadlines and multiple trades. It was our pleasure to bring our commercial painting expertise to the stage! Well, so to speak...

A Wide Variety of Interior Painting Projects

Our work involved applying 26 different colors to a multitude of surfaces, including walls, doors, frames, ceilings, and the exposed wood ceiling deck and structure.

In addition to painting expanded theater office areas, we also painted two formal reception halls, meeting spaces, practice rooms and studios.

Project Highlights - From Deadlines to Imported Wallcoverings

  • We applied over 26 different interior paint colors, ranging from bright, contrasting colors in the studios to black for zero light reflectivity.
  • We supplied and installed custom wallcoverings from Holland.
  • Where the newly-added space adjoined the original theater, we had to carefully blend the paint so that it flowed seamlessly with the existing historical finishes.
  • There were numerous other trades at work, and, to help meet critical deadlines, we had to often paint where they had not even completed their portion of the project.
  • There were three deadlines to meet: a donor preview, a block party/street dedication, and a partial opening of the practice areas for kids’ programs.

Taking a Bow and Looking Back Over the Finished Work

By clicking through the slideshow above you can begin to get a sense of the scope of the work involved in this amazing project. It was truly an honor to add our name to this theater’s history, and play a role in helping valuable programs and arts appreciation continue in this community.

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