Machinery Painting in Worcester, MA

Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

When we say “painting,” what comes to mind first?

You might envision new colors for walls, ceilings, siding, and possibly the occasional floor. You would be right, too! Those are all high-traffic areas that definitely need regular updating and refreshing. Well, technically a ceiling doesn’t experience too much foot traffic (unless you work in a very unique place), but it is definitely impacted by age and environmental wear.

As valuable as painting these more traditional surfaces might be, it also is important to consider the paint and coatings on your industrial machinery and equipment.

Why Paint Your Machinery?

Aside from just providing aesthetic benefits, paint also offers a valuable layer of protection. A surface that is covered with a carefully-selected, durable product is more easily cleaned and maintained. It also is a wonderful way to customize or restore used equipment that you may have purchased for your facility. As a case in point, take a look at the project overview below.

Machinery Painting in Action

A client of ours in Worcester, MA, recently purchased used splicing machines. The equipment met their needs, but was looking a little worse for the wear. We were asked to bring them back to a bright, serviceable state, and were happy to help.

Our process involved:

  • Cleaning - Dirt, dust, and residue was removed
  • Scraping - Removing the worn, failing paint
  • Sanding - This creates a receptive, fresh surface
  • Applied primer
  • Topcoat - We used Sherwin Williams’ Industrial Enamel to provide an abrasion-resistant, high-gloss finish. Tough and durable!

We worked through a very tight schedule, wrapping up the painting process over a weekend. Our goal was to not inhibit our client's production needs, and we are happy to say that the plan was a success!

Do You Need an Industrial Painter?

We at Kaloutas Painting are proud to offer a wide variety of industrial and commercial painting services. Please spend a few minutes exploring what we offer, and if you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help!

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