Painting and Repairing a Historic Building in Lynn, MA

Posted on Friday, November 21, 2014

Recently we had the opportunity to paint the simultaneously friendly and castle-like Pondview Lodge in Lynn, MA. This unique structure, beautifully wrapped in a historic paint scheme, rests right by the water’s edge on a lower-half made of stone. It creates an elegant picture!

A complete interior and exterior painting was needed, and especially given this time of year, time was of the essence.

Zero-Voc Paint for Wintertime Interior Painting

This building is special not only because of its interesting appearance and location, but also because of what, or rather who, it holds. Pondview Lodge is a not just a building, but a home for many elderly folks. While we are always cautious and respectful when painting, we were particularly sensitive to the needs of these residents.

With this in mind, we chose a Sherwin Williams zero-VOC paint; an environmentally-friendly option that doesn’t carry with it the strong smells often associated with fresh paint. This allowed us to finish our work right alongside the residents and staff with no issues whatsoever.

Exterior Painting

For the exterior, we worked quickly to match the existing, historic colors; the mission was to totally refresh the property, not switch to another color scheme altogether. We also finished necessary wood repairs and replacement, ensuring that the exterior is strong, sturdy, and protected as our less-than-friendly New England winter begins to arrive.

The products we used for the interior paint, exterior paint, and masonry are the following:

  • Superpaint Exterior
  • Woodscapes
  • ProMar 200 zero VOC Eggshell
  • DTM Acrylic
  • Shercryl HP Acrylic Coating
  • Loxon Masonry Primer
  • H&C Clear Acrylic Masonry Sealer

In total, we finished this project in only 4 weeks!

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