Painting Tilt-Up Concrete Construction in Londonderry, NH

Posted on Thursday, July 09, 2015

This project was made up of two parts: interior and exterior painting. The interior portion of this sprawling building involved a straightforward process of painting and adding wallcoverings to drywall surfaces. As a side note, we used Sherwin-Williams Promar Zero-VOC paint. This environmentally-friendly, odor-free option was perfect for our needs.

You can see an example of our interior work in the slideshow above.

Now, when we step outside and look at the exterior of the building, suddenly we’re faced with what was definitely a challenge. Not the kind of challenge that causes a strain, but rather the kind of challenge that calls for careful strategy and a little commercial painting creativity.

But first, let’s go back even further and take a look at the background of the project.

A Massive Construction Project Outside Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

The vacant lot that long sat unused outside of Manchester-Boston Regional Airport was recently purchased by a Denver-based industrial developer. After receiving the necessary permits in record time, a 614,000 square-foot facility was erected on the empty field.

In layman’s terms, that’s a huge building.

This incredible facility, built in just over a year, is a distribution center for both UPS and Pratt & Whitney (a jet engine manufacturer). For more details about the economic boon that this is for the area, be sure to take a look here.

In many ways, this distribution center has been built on a foundation of speed. The entire process was completed in an unusually fast time, and various trades have been hard at work ever since to make sure it is ready to function on-schedule. And, that’s where we came in.

Painting Tilt-Up Concrete Panels without Time on Our Side

As we’ve mentioned before, we are used to working with extremely tight deadlines. In fact, we take pride in doing what it takes to still deliver quality work even with one eye on the clock.

In this case, we had 144,000 square-feet of concrete tilt-up panels to paint, not including an accent stripe between them. Just in case you aren’t familiar with the term, “tilt-up” refers to a construction method involving massive concrete panels that are created in a cast, then hoisted vertically and put into place. It is an efficient, fast method.

We used two creative techniques to paint this colossal exterior in a short amount of time:

  • We used a mobile, power washing vehicle that enabled us to wash the surface rapidly. It was driven along one side of the building, systematically spraying the concrete in preparation for painting.
  • After giving the power washing unit a head start (in order to give the surface time to dry), we followed it with a mobile spray painting vehicle. As it worked its way along, the power washing unit was already on the next side, allowing the painting process to follow the washer around the building.

We used this creative technique to keep the cleaning and painting process in full operation 8 hours a day, maximizing our efficiency. Sherwin-Williams’ Loxon XP was our product of choice, providing a durable, flexible, and weather-resistant finish that we know will serve this building well.

Working In Conjunction with the Other Trades

As always, we were happy to coordinate with the GC and work right alongside the other trades. After all, it required a multi-faceted team effort to get this facility up and running in style. We’re excited for its future, and are glad for the opportunities it will bring so many in the area.

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