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Jun 17, 2019

Budgeting for Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining a clean, safe, and functional facility. This type of cleaning is often more intensive than other forms of commercial cleaning, as it may require OSHA certified access, specialty equipment, process within an operational manufacturing environment and space...

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Jul 22, 2019

How Commercial Cleaning and Painting Can Grow Your Business

If you manage an industrial facility, you do not want your products to be contaminated, your equipment to be compromised, or your company’s reputation to be dinged. Regular cleaning and painting throughout your industrial facility or commercial space provides an array of solutions...

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Apr 2, 2020

Corrosion Remediation: 5 Phases to Stronger Anticorrosive Paint

What to Know About Corrosion and Paint Repair How Anticorrosive Paint Repairs Paint Damage Corrosion can happen anywhere in your industrial facility, manufacturing site, or commercial structure, though some areas and industries are at higher risk. Are you protected?  Anticorrosive paint application by Kaloutas...

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Sep 22, 2020

We Are Kaloutas!

Change is good. In fact, change is often necessary. And if we know anything here at Kaloutas, it’s how to adapt when the time is right. This is why you might notice that we have dropped the “Painting” part of our...

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