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We Work the Way You Work. Here’s How to Get Projects Done on Time and Budget

Posted on Tuesday, May 18, 2021

We Work the Way You Work. Here’s How to Get Projects Done on Time and Budget

For those who operate or manage a complex business, little is more frustrating than working with service providers who are exclusively on their own time, struggle to communicate, or simply are flexible. Contractors with these shortcomings don’t work the way you work, which leads to work stoppages, disruptions, and excessive costs. At Kaloutas, we’re well aware of the headaches induced by these situations, which is why we’re committed to working the way each of our clients works. Here’s how we get projects done on time and within budget constraints without interfering with your normal operations.

How Kaloutas Gets Work Done on Time and Budget

We Offer Multiple Trades Under One Roof

The initial contractor onboarding workflow process is time-consuming and costly, and you shouldn’t have to deal with it each time you require facility repairs, renovations, or maintenance. Kaloutas eliminates this excessive paperwork, extra walk-throughs, and multiple onboarding hassles by providing a single point of contact for virtually all services your multi-use building may require. Our company is filled with experts in a wide range of fields and trades, and we have a far-reaching network of partners that we can call when necessary, which means you don’t have to do the legwork to find competent contractors -- we handle it for you. So, whether your facility requires flooring, fireproofing, painting, repair work, maintenance, etc., rest assured that Kaloutas has it covered.

We Establish a Strong Relationship with You and Your Facility

A lack of familiarity with a given business or facility can lead to sluggish, inefficient service provision. This is the risk you take when hiring an unknown entity to perform a certain task, even if they have plenty of experience. At Kaloutas, we care about building relationships and trust with each of our clients. In doing so, we get to know the operational workflow of your facility, as well as its strengths, weaknesses, and unique, informative quirks. We’re constantly adapting to customer needs as a result. By becoming an extension of your team, our installers gain clearance to key areas, memorize your scheduling and layout, maintain close communication with your people, and so on. Ultimately, this familiarity allows us to work far more efficiently, saving you time and money.

We Ensure That the Right Number of People Are on the Job

It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable a service provider is if they can’t offer an adequate team to do the job at hand. Certain projects might only require a small handful of workers, but others are only possible with a larger team (e.g., a major commercial painting project) -- at the very least, the right-sized team makes for a quicker job with more accountability. To work the way you work, Kaloutas maintains a healthy quantity of office staff members and field personnel. This way, we can give our customers the attention and resources they need when it counts and get the job done that much faster.

We Prioritize Preventative Maintenance

While it’s important to have a reliable provider ready for when things go wrong, it’s better to take steps to prevent problems in your facility from occurring in the first place. Focusing on preventative maintenance keeps your people safer and protects your assets from wear and tear, which ultimately reduces the number and severity of repairs you’ll have to make in the future. And the fewer fixes you have to invest in, the more time and money you’ll save. Kaloutas provides numerous preventative maintenance services to keep your workplace in prime operating condition, such as caulking/sealing, fireproofing, epoxy flooring systems, concrete polishing, industrial/commercial painting, space containment systems, and much more.

In order to get your projects done on time and on budget, you need an all-in-one provider you can count on to maintain your facility and deliver the necessary resources and solutions when the time comes -- a provider that works the way you work: Kaloutas. To learn more about us and all that we do, contact us online or give us a call at 978-532-1414 today.

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