What Are the Benefits of Electrostatic Painting? - Tips for Industrial Painting in Hartford, CT

Posted on Friday, October 23, 2015

What Are the Benefits of Electrostatic Painting? - Tips for Industrial Painting in Hartford, CT

Whether you’re considering the ways we communicate, travel, or work, there is no denying that we have seen huge technological advancements in recent years. The painting industry is really no different, allowing us to offer cutting-edge services to our industrial and commercial clients.

One perfect example of this is electrostatic painting. We thought we’d dive a little deeper into this helpful service, hopefully connecting you with useful information for your own industrial facility.

How Does Electrostatic Painting Work?

Did you ever play with magnets as a kid? If so, you may remember that the opposite poles attract each other, while close contact with the same polarity cause the magnets to push apart. A very similar principle is applied in the electrostatic painting process. We use a specially formulated paint with atomized particles, and then we ground the metal surface being painted so that it carries the opposite charge.

When your paint is applied, it is electrostatically attracted to the surface being painted, neatly and smoothly dispersing itself across even those areas that are normally hard to reach.

What Are the Benefits of Electrostatic Painting for Your Hartford Facility?

  • Creates an even, smooth finish
  • Resists the buildup of dirt and contaminants
  • Reduces product waste/overspray
  • Quality coverage

What Surfaces Can Be Electrostatically Painted?

The possibilities are diverse, but this painting technique is especially beneficial for coating uneven, difficult surfaces. As an example, at Kaloutas Painting we often electrostatically paint industrial equipment and machinery. Cleaning and painting property like this is an ideal way to maintain and restore your investments, making routine care easier and allowing for early detection of leaks and damage.

Are You Looking for a Commercial or Industrial Painter in the Hartford Area?

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