What Should FOD Control Look Like for Your Industrial Painting and Flooring Project?

Posted on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

An eye for details has never been so important!


At Kaloutas, we believe in detail-oriented work. We live this out through close communication and coordination with you throughout your project, and also through an emphasis on project containment and careful work practices.

The importance of this focus reaches new heights when it comes to FOD control. In fact, it can literally be a life or death matter.

What to Know About FOD Services

What Is FOD?

The acronym “FOD” can stand for one of two distinct, but interconnected, issues:

Either “Foreign Object Debris,” or “Foreign Object Damage.”

The problems start with Foreign Object Debris. In extremely simple terms, this debris is an object that should not be where it is. From something as large as a piece of equipment to something as small as a discarded bolt, this out-of-place item can cause catastrophic damage in many industries. And, especially so in environments that require absolute control and specific conditions.

Foreign Object Damage, as you may surmise, is the result of this debris. The damage can range from destroyed or compromised equipment and products to severe injury or loss of life, depending on the function of the space.

Which industries are most susceptible to both forms of FOD?

  • Aviation
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Military Facilities
  • ...and more

FOD Containment and Industrial Painting Services

What is the connection between Kaloutas and FOD containment strategies?

Well, many of our clients exactly fall into the industry categories listed above. This means that our control practices take on unparalleled importance when we are working in a facility like yours. Our team is thoroughly trained and equipped for cutting-edge containment.

Beyond ongoing training, we also take these precautions:

  • We create a floor-to-ceiling, sealed environment (asbestos grade).
  • Ensure that all work is performed inside of our contained space.
  • Utilize fresh air supply and air scrubbers when necessary.
  • Practice a clean work environment standard.
  • Ensure that all Personal Protective Equipment is utilized.

Our safety practices have been carefully developed with the goal that every member of our team goes home at the end of the day in the same condition in which they arrived. Our goal is the same for your workforce, and environment. We understand how critical project containment is to your successful operations and safety.

Partner with Kaloutas for Your Industrial Painting and Flooring Needs

We use the word “partner” purposefully.

Our team brings invaluable experience, training, and capabilities to the table. If you have questions about your specific industrial painting or flooring need, we hope you will contact us. It would be our pleasure to work with you to create an actionable, effective, and safe plan.

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