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Why Industrial Degreasing Needs to Be Part of Your Facility Maintenance Strategy

 Why Industrial Degreasing Needs to Be Part of Your Facility Maintenance Strategy

The buildup of grease is an unavoid­able byprod­uct of a busy, pro­duc­tion-ori­ent­ed indus­tri­al facil­i­ty. Leaky machin­ery, over­flow­ing con­tain­ment trays, spills, mal­func­tions, and machin­ery oper­a­tion all add to the prob­lem, often in sub­tle ways that are easy to over­look until the accu­mu­la­tion is substantial.

Why Is the Accu­mu­la­tion of Grease an Issue?

Let’s take a clos­er look at a few of the key rea­sons why you should be con­cerned by an excess of grease in your indus­tri­al property:

  • Espe­cial­ly in the food and bev­er­age pro­cess­ing indus­tries, you can fall out of com­pli­ance with the guid­ing reg­u­la­tions and standards
  • It cre­ates a haz­ardous work­space for your employees
  • As with any oth­er aspect of main­te­nance, the longer an issue is neglect­ed the more work it requires to cor­rect it
  • A buildup of residue and grease can get in the way of equip­ment main­te­nance and repairs, some­times even mask­ing a prob­lem until the issue has grown large enough to demand attention

Here at Kaloutas, we offer indus­tri­al degreas­ing ser­vices for two pri­ma­ry, and equal­ly impor­tant, purposes.

Indus­tri­al Degreas­ing When Prepar­ing for New Paint and Coatings

If you have ever paint­ed the exte­ri­or of your home, you like­ly know that sur­face prepa­ra­tion is a key ele­ment in doing the job prop­er­ly. Rather than paint over the exist­ing chipped paint, dirt, and mildew, you washed the sur­face thor­ough­ly, then scraped, sand­ed, patched, primed, and painted.

Skip­ping steps sim­ply means you’ll be paint­ing again next summer.

The same prin­ci­ple applies to large-scale indus­tri­al paint­ing projects. Whether we are prepar­ing con­crete floors for an ESD floor sys­tem or are get­ting ready to paint the walls in a ware­house, we focus heav­i­ly on sur­face prepa­ra­tion. To use floor­ing as an exam­ple, this often includes grind­ing to remove old, failed coat­ings, shot blast­ing to cre­ate a recep­tive, lev­el pro­file, fill­ing, patch­ing, repair­ing, prim­ing, then coat­ing. As a foun­da­tion of the process, how­ev­er, degreas­ing the floor to remove the exist­ing buildup is essential.

Before we paint inte­ri­or walls (if nec­es­sary), we begin with a thor­ough grease removal strat­e­gy to ensure supe­ri­or paint adhe­sion and longevi­ty. Like you, we want your new paint to last as long and per­form as well as possible.

Indus­tri­al Degreas­ing as an Invalu­able Main­te­nance Strategy

We also rec­om­mend that degreas­ing be includ­ed in your ongo­ing main­te­nance plan, regard­less of whether new paint is need­ed. As we touched on above, this cre­ates a safer and health­i­er work envi­ron­ment, allows your exist­ing paint and coat­ings to last longer, and extends the lifes­pan of your equip­ment invest­ments as well.

Why Choose Kaloutas to Meet Your Indus­tri­al Paint­ing and Clean­ing Needs?

Sim­ply put, we under­stand the needs and require­ments of our indus­tri­al clients, and offer a lev­el of exper­tise that can only come from decades of expe­ri­ence and pro­fes­sion­al train­ing. From cut­ting-edge, envi­ron­men­tal­ly-friend­ly prod­ucts to flex­i­ble sched­ul­ing capa­bil­i­ties, we would like to help you main­tain your facil­i­ty while impact­ing your oper­a­tions as min­i­mal­ly as possible.

Con­tact us today with any ques­tions you might have.

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