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Why Industrial Degreasing Needs to Be Part of Your Facility Maintenance Strategy

Posted on Monday, February 29, 2016

Why Industrial Degreasing Needs to Be Part of Your Facility Maintenance Strategy

The buildup of grease is an unavoidable byproduct of a busy, production-oriented industrial facility. Leaky machinery, overflowing containment trays, spills, malfunctions, and machinery operation all add to the problem, often in subtle ways that are easy to overlook until the accumulation is substantial.

Why Is the Accumulation of Grease an Issue?

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the key reasons why you should be concerned by an excess of grease in your industrial property:

  • Especially in the food and beverage processing industries, you can fall out of compliance with the guiding regulations and standards
  • It creates a hazardous workspace for your employees
  • As with any other aspect of maintenance, the longer an issue is neglected the more work it requires to correct it
  • A buildup of residue and grease can get in the way of equipment maintenance and repairs, sometimes even masking a problem until the issue has grown large enough to demand attention

Here at Kaloutas, we offer industrial degreasing services for two primary, and equally important, purposes.

Industrial Degreasing When Preparing for New Paint and Coatings

If you have ever painted the exterior of your home, you likely know that surface preparation is a key element in doing the job properly. Rather than paint over the existing chipped paint, dirt, and mildew, you washed the surface thoroughly, then scraped, sanded, patched, primed, and painted.

Skipping steps simply means you’ll be painting again next summer.

The same principle applies to large-scale industrial painting projects. Whether we are preparing concrete floors for an ESD floor system or are getting ready to paint the walls in a warehouse, we focus heavily on surface preparation. To use flooring as an example, this often includes grinding to remove old, failed coatings, shot blasting to create a receptive, level profile, filling, patching, repairing, priming, then coating. As a foundation of the process, however, degreasing the floor to remove the existing buildup is essential.

Before we paint interior walls (if necessary), we begin with a thorough grease removal strategy to ensure superior paint adhesion and longevity. Like you, we want your new paint to last as long and perform as well as possible.

Industrial Degreasing as an Invaluable Maintenance Strategy

We also recommend that degreasing be included in your ongoing maintenance plan, regardless of whether new paint is needed. As we touched on above, this creates a safer and healthier work environment, allows your existing paint and coatings to last longer, and extends the lifespan of your equipment investments as well.

Why Choose Kaloutas to Meet Your Industrial Painting and Cleaning Needs?

Simply put, we understand the needs and requirements of our industrial clients, and offer a level of expertise that can only come from decades of experience and professional training. From cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly products to flexible scheduling capabilities, we would like to help you maintain your facility while impacting your operations as minimally as possible.

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