Why Is Clear Branding Important? - Custom Commercial Painting in Woburn, MA

Posted on Monday, August 31, 2015

What are the real benefits of painting your commercial property?

How about surface protection? Sure! Maintaining a clean, professional appearance? Definitely. Preventing damage and decay that only gets harder and harder to reverse? Absolutely.

These are all good points, but there’s another benefit of painting that shouldn’t be overlooked: branding.

Packaging your property in consistent, recognizable colors makes your business more than a business, but a familiar face. At a glance people know who you are and what you offer. There is a lot of power in this!

We recently had the opportunity to help transform a building in Woburn, MA, into a recognizable, fresh location for U-Haul. This involved some unique painting processes, design, and collaboration, so we wanted to share the details with you here.

First Things First - Our Preparation Process

The building we would transform stood out starkly against the slate-colored sky. The property was, for lack of a better word, tired, with worn grey paint and odd highlights that looked a little like maroon’s less attractive cousin.

Because the building needed refreshing in addition to paint, we began by power washing the surfaces. As we’ve discussed before, this removes any dirt, debris, or other loose materials that are hanging on. After a thorough washing, we also completed masonry repairs and caulking.

As is often the case, our work schedule needed to be carefully woven in and around that of the other trades at work. Our goal is always to operate in a way that’s both convenient for others and still allows us to finish on time. We worked closely with the U-Haul management team as well to be sure that we met their specific deadline needs.

Painting the Custom Patterns and Waves

U-Haul has a very specific, detailed design book that stipulates exactly what patterns need to be applied and where. As an example, the diamond pattern is painted on a 5-degree angle that starts on one side of the building and then wraps around the rest in its entirety.

The waves and arches were recreated to scale from the artist’s dimensions, allowing us to replicate it exactly in life-size. Be sure to click through the slideshow above to see the work we did.

What Exterior Painting Products Did We Use? - Just In Case You Love the Details!

Let’s start with a closer look at the primers first. They were all Sherwin-Williams products, and included:

  • Bond-Plex - Low odor, adheres beautifully to metal siding, and is moisture resistant (to name just a few of its qualities)
  • Loxon Masonry Primer - It not only makes a long-lasting, quality finish possible, but it also seals masonry
  • ProCryl Universal Primer - Among many other attributes, this primer offers powerful anti-corrosion protection

How about our topcoats?

  • SherCryl - Dries quickly, creates very little odor, resists corrosion, and more. This is a hard-working paint, perfect for an application like this
  • Industrial Enamel - Chip and flake-resistant, retains color beautifully, and high-gloss (repels dirt)

Do You Have Questions about Your Commercial Painting Needs?

We are happy to say that all the work was completed on-time, and this U-Haul facility is up and running in style.

If you have any questions about our industrial or commercial painting and flooring services, we would love to answer them! Why not give us a call today?

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