Why Should Consistent Exterior Painting and Repairs Be One of Your Priorities?

Posted on Friday, July 17, 2015

A Recent Project in Chelmsford...


As a rule, we recommend consistent facility maintenance and upkeep. This is primarily because routine cleaning, painting, and care will not only keep your property looking fresh, but also protect it from larger-scale damage and decay.

It’s similar to the idea of investing in regular inspections and maintenance for your car rather than waiting for a big issue to take you by surprise. Nobody wants to hear that dreaded sputter on the highway (it always seems to happen at the worst time)!

We recently painted a facility in Chelmsford that had, to put it simply, grown tired. The exterior was largely uncared for, resulting in faded, unsightly paint, and problems with rust and rot had popped up as well. You can see all of this clearly in the first photo above. Our mission was to erase the damage, stop the decay in its tracks, and bring it back to a solid, fresh finish.

Our Exterior Cleaning and Painting Process

  • Power washing - Because working with a clean and prepared surface is key, we started with power washing. Our high-powered unit can help to strip away dirt, debris, and any residue that might get in the way of a healthy and strong paint job. Our team is trained to skillfully handle this process, maximizing the benefits for your surfaces.
  • Repairs - We also completed necessary masonry repairs, and replaced rotten portions of wood. This ties in again with the importance of surface preparation; ensuring that what is under your new paint is solid is crucial for a long-lasting result.
  • Painting - For the topcoat we used Sherwin-Williams A-100. This is a tough, durable product that provides fantastic coverage.

How Do We Make Painting and Repairs Easy for You?

We know that as a property owner or manager, you need us to provide work that is not only high-quality, but also fits the needs of your timeline. This is something we specialize in at Kaloutas! One way that we accomplish this is by offering a wide variety of services, all with the goal of being able to easily handle your diverse needs.

In this case, we were very happy to help restore this Chelmsford property. What do you think of how it turned out?

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