Will Your Commercial Painter Work Weekends to Meet Your Needs?

Posted on Thursday, June 02, 2016

Working within tight timeframes is nothing new to us.

We have the team and resources necessary to adapt to a wide variety of scheduling needs. In the case of this particular commercial painting project, our client asked us to not only finish the work quickly, but also to work over the weekends so that their production schedule wouldn’t feel any impact.

Laying Down the Groundwork and Familiarizing Ourselves with New Paint Products

We painted three different spaces within this food processing facility, and used a new paint product from a new vendor. We were confident that it would meet our client’s needs perfectly, but we had to work quickly to familiarize ourselves with it. The preparation and application process involved multiple steps, including mixing two parts and bi-products in a specific sequence.

The project manager who oversaw the work done here began with two different walk-arounds with our client, and one with the subcontractor that was involved as well. Our goal in doing this was to keep communication, expectations, and our process clearly defined. This is always important, but especially so when a tight deadline is driving every detail.

Containing and Completing the Painting Process, All While Meeting Our Deadline

As promised, the work was started and completed over three weekends. After containing our workspace and thorough surface preparation, the entire process was smooth, efficient, and never interfered with our client’s production or operations. In fact, we are already discussing further maintenance and painting opportunities. We look forward to it!

As we mentioned above, we painted three different spaces over these weekends, but the most drastic transformation involved the metal door you can see in the slideshow above.  

We Can Answer Your Commercial Painting Questions!

The Kaloutas team is here to help! Our goal is to use our experience, knowledge, and expertise to make what can often be an inconvenient maintenance necessity into a clear and simple process. We do everything we can to make that happen, including adapting to your timelines and scheduling parameters.

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