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A quality industrial painting project consists of not only the very best products and equipment, but also the latest techniques. Staying on the cutting edge allows us to consistently provide you with the kind of services that will meet your needs in a lasting way.

Our electrostatic painting methods are a perfect example of this.

What Is Electrostatic Painting?

Electrostatic painting is an advanced technique used for painting metal surfaces in industrial and commercial environments. Equipment that is specially designed for the purpose atomizes the paint particles, causing them to repel each other as they are sprayed onto the surface.

At the same time, the metal being painted is grounded and given an opposite charge so that it attracts the evenly dispersed paint.

What Are the Benefits of Electrostatic Painting?

  • Even finish - The process of the paint particles pushing away from each other while being attracted to the surface creates a smooth finish like no other
  • Resists the buildup of dirt and other contaminants
  • Reduced waste - Because of the magnetic attraction, little paint is lost to overspray
  • Quality coverage - Areas of your equipment that were difficult to paint previously can be easily reached

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