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Dry Ice Blasting Services Contractor

Here at Kaloutas we pride ourselves on having advanced and highly specialized services ready to meet the needs of our clients. There is no “usual” when it comes to industrial cleaning. This is why our certified foreman are ready to implement multiple methods and tools to clean and restore specialized services and machinery with flexible scheduling.

What to Expect from a Dry Ice Blasting Contractor

Dry Ice Blasting & Industrial Cleaning With Kaloutas

Each industrial space the Kaloutas team works on calls for a different approach, which is why our field managers start with understanding the needs of your facility. The chemicals, machinery and staff at work are all factored in as we craft your tailor-made, industrial cleaning plan. We utilize processes such as sponge blasting, sand blasting and dry ice blasting to ensure maximum results for your New Hampshire or Rhode Island industrial space.

Dry ice blasting is a versatile cleaning method which can be adjusted to gently clean delicate equipment or blast away debris on long forgotten surfaces. It is the perfect solution for industrial-grade cleaning in sensitive and controlled spaces. It utilizes a compressor which blasts the surface with dry ice. This vaporizes on contact, cooling the equipment and leaving no extra mess. The drastic change in surface temperature loosens all existing coatings and unwanted debris, allowing for careful but thorough cleaning.

Dry Ice Blasting in Action

Dry Ice Blasting 101
Learn a little bit more about the dry ice blasting process and what it can do for your Boston, MA or Greater New England industrial space.

Customized Industrial Cleaning with Kaloutas
Does your industrial cleaning budget seem to slip through your fingers without getting the job done? Why not bring in a professional team of industrial painters and cleaners to track, plan and schedule all of your industrial painting and cleaning?

Versatility and Flexibility, Industrial Cleaning in Lowell, MA
When our team arrived at this corrugated manufacturing facility, they had to create a customized plan on a tight time frame all while dancing around the inner workings of an active facility.   

Your First Call for Industrial Cleaning and Dry Ice Blasting

Invest in your sanity and your business by partnering with Kaloutas for all your industrial and commercial cleaning, give us a call or drop us a note to schedule an estimate.

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