Electrostatic Painting Services

Electrostatic painting has become the standard of excellence for hundreds of applications in commercial and industrial painting. Kaloutas takes great care in providing top-notch electrostatic painting services for all of our New England clients. 

How does electrostatic painting work?

After we have prepared the area for painting, the objects or surfaces that will be painted are hooked up to a machine that gives them a static-electric charge. The paint that is sprayed on is given an opposite static charge. This means the paint particles are attracted to the surface like a magnet, so that very little of the paint misses the target. In fact, charged items will attract the paint to every part of the surface, including hard-to-reach nooks, and the back-side of objects. Additionally, because the paint particles all have the same charge as each other, they will repel each other like magnets, resulting in an even coating of paint.

What are the benefits of electrostatic painting?

Efficiency: Electrostatic painting leaves very little overspray because almost all of the paint is attracted to the surface. This means less waste.

Speed: Painted items can be covered much more rapidly using electrostatic painting techniques.

Appearance: Very few painting techniques can boast the smooth, even finish that electrostatic painting produces.

Tidiness: Again because there is less overspray, the work area stays much tidier, resulting in less setup and cleanup time.

Price: Because it creates less waste and goes much quicker, electrostatic painting is a less-expensive process.

What kinds of items can be electrostatically painted?

Any surface that conducts electricity can be painted using electrostatic spray painting equipment. In commercial and industrial settings, it is often used to paint metail rails and stairways, production equipment, vehicles, filing cabinets, metal doors and window frames, structural steel, desks and other similar items.

Electrostatic Painting for Massachussets, Rhode Island and New Hampshire

Kaloutas is New England's premier painting contractor for commercial and industrial painting. We provide top-of-the-line electrostatic painting services at a competitive price. The real difference between us and our competitors, however, is our extremely personalized, high-touch service. Our staff takes the time to understand your project, and make sure our work fits your needs precisely.

We serve all kinds of industrial and commercial facilities, including:

  • Schools & universities
  • Libraries & other public buildings
  • Restaurants & hotels
  • Food processing plants & laboratories
  • Retail stores & more!
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