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What Exactly Is Dry Ice Blasting, and How Does It Work?

While the need to clean surfaces and equipment is universal, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all method. In many commercial and industrial environments, there are factors at play that restrict exactly how you can clean and call for a specialized, more sensitive approach.

Dry ice blasting is the perfect solution for industrial-grade cleaning within a controlled workspace.

The process involves using a specially-designed compressor to blast the surface with dry ice. The dry ice immediately vaporizes, and as it does it rapidly cools the materials it comes into contact with. This sudden change in temperature loosens the unwanted debris and existing coatings. In conjunction with the compressor’s persistent air pressure, the stress caused by the instant temperature change allows the surface to be gently but thoroughly cleaned.

What Are the Benefits of Our Dry Ice Blasting Services?

  • Antibacterial - Equipment used in food processing is decontaminated.
  • Versatility - In the handes of a skilled technician, the machinery can be adjusted to clean even the most sensitive equipment without any disassembly. Whether you need to lightly clean or completely strip the surface, the potential is just an adjustment away.
  • Clean Process - Because the dry ice vaporizes upon contact, there is no need for cleanup of media or debris.

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Industrial Cleaning Services

Who Hires Us?

  • Restaurants
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Science Facilities
  • Aerospace Facilities
  • Electronics Facilities
  • General Manufacturing Facilities
  • General Contractors
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Food and Agricultural Plants
  • Breweries
  • Corporate Offices and Buildings
  • Health Services
  • Schools and Universities
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