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Kaloutas understands that no two New England industrial spaces are the same. This is why our professional team of field managers start each project with listening to the needs of our client. Once we have a better understanding of the painting or industrial cleaning services needed, we can create a unique strategy that’s ready for action.


One of the unique commercial cleaning services we use is called sponge blasting (or sponge-jet). Sponge blasting fires an adjustable stream of sponge media onto the selected surface. The sponge shocks the debris and contaminants on contact, loosening them for removal. The unwanted junk grease, grime or rust then gently falls away, allowing for easy cleanup.

What Are the Benefits of Sponge Blasting?

One of the reasons that sponge blasting is a valuable tool in our cleaning arsenal is the versatility it offers. It’s gentle enough for complicated machinery, yet powerful enough to remove debris from surfaces during commercial painting prep-work. This allows our team to clean equipment, floors and walls with both safety and precision.


Not only can sponge blasting be used on a wide variety of surfaces, it’s a dust-free, contained method of industrial cleaning. When the sponge media comes into contact with the contaminants, it immediately bounces back. This creates a vacuum that absorbs a large amount of the dust and debris with little airborne mess. When the job is completed, most of the sponge media can be cleaned up and reused, which means not only is sponge blasting clean and versatile, it is eco-friendly as well.


Sponge Blasting Around New England

Restoring Rusty Metal in Marlboro, MA

When Dow Chemical asked us to restore rusted, delaminated metal using sponge blasting, we stepped in and completed the job flawlessly and on time.


Industrial Maintenance Plans with Kaloutas

Rather than a one-shot cleaning job, why not talk to us about developing an overall facility maintenance plan for your site? Our team will make regular inspections, plan projects and stop costly damage before it becomes an issue to your workflow.


Check Out Everything Sponge Blasting Can Do

Sponge blasting can remove grease, rust, epoxy coatings and more! Learn more about the sponge blasting process and how we can put it to work for you.


How Can We Put Sponge Blasting to Work for You?

We have a lot more than just sponge blasting in our bag of tricks and would love to partner with you on cleaning and maintaining your Boston, MA area industrial space. Give us a call at 978-532-1414 orhttp://www.kaloutas.com/estimatehttp://www.kaloutas.com/estimate to get started.

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