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Concrete Expansion Joint Repair

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What to Know About Concrete Expansion Joint Repair

Why you should take care of expansion joints?

Concrete floors are built with expansion joints that allow for some flexibility in the rigid structure. This is important because changes in temperature and shifts in heavy loads put pressure on a concrete slab that would otherwise cause it to split.  The problem, however, is that expansion joints can deteriorate over time, causing health and safety concerns (as well as diminished aesthetics).

How Do Expansion Joints Deteriorate?

Over time, shifts in the soil beneath your structure can cause your slab to rise and fall unevenly.  When this happens, the concrete on either side of the expansion joint gets off level.  Another concern is the chipping and gouging that can happen along the expansion joints.  This happens naturally as vehicles and cargo traverse your floor.

These damaged expansion joints can become a safety hazard, causing forklift loads rock dangerously, and causing a tripping hazard for foot traffic.  Also, debris and contaminants tend to collect in these areas. 

If your concrete floors are in less than fantastic condition, or even downright terrible condition, Kaloutas has the expertise, the knowledge, the equipment and the personnel to restore your floors to optimal condition.

Repairing Concrete Expansion Joints

At Kaloutas, we can repair your concrete expansion joints so that they look better than ever. Our process follows the following steps:

  • Grind away any unevenness in the surface
  • Clear out any chipped coatings or debris
  • Use a concrete and epoxy filler to recreate a smooth, level surface
  • Cut a new expansion joint in the repaired concrete floor, and fill it with a flexible joint filler.

Once the expansion joint is repaired, we can also repair or replace the epoxy coating on the surrounding floor.  At this point, the floor is safe, attractive, and durable for many years.

Other Kaloutas Flooring Services

Kaloutas does more than repairing concrete expansion joints. Click here for our concrete repair page We provide many more industrial flooring services, such as concrete polishing, epoxy floor coatings, antimicrobial and safety flooring, and more.  Of course, we also provide a full line of painting services, both interior and exterior.

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