Moisture Mitigation

Moisture-related flooring problems are now estimated to have reached the billion-dollar level annually in the US! Over the long-term, a successful flooring installation requires that the ground or other sub-slab moisture be taken completely out of play.

We encourage you to have independent testing of your slab if you are not sure if you have an intact vapor-barrier under the slab.

For even more information on Moisture Mitigation, check out our other video!

What can be done if the concrete floor has a high moisture level?

We are certified installers of several "moisture mitigation systems." These systems either limit the amount of moisture vapor the flooring system will be exposed to, or completely stop the vapor transmission through the top of the slab. These systems add to the cost of your installation, however they are essential in a successful flooring installation where high moisture is present. In the long run it is far less expensive to find the problem and fix it up front than to have flooring failures later and have the higher cost and disruption to your operations after a new floor has been installed. A significant additional benefit to having a moisture mitigation system installed from a certified installer is that the manufacturers of these systems offer extended warranties of up to 10 years for the vapor system and the flooring installed over it!

What are some of the symptoms that your installed floor is failing due to a moisture vapor transmission problem?

Symptoms of high moisture vapor transmission on an already installed floor may include bubbles, blisters, pinholes, a brown, oily liquid being liberated through the floor, and/or delamination. The color is due to dissolved or suspended soil, rust and salts. Sometimes, you will see delamination of a section of the floor. In this case, the bottom of the delaminated piece will be very smooth, and there will be traces of a white residue (efflorescence) or rust (which the moisture has delivered to the bottom of the coating from the rebar/reinforcing wire).

We install moisture mitigation systems under our own epoxy floors and/or we are happy to install these systems for covering with any type of flooring provided by others. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding moisture problems in flooring.

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