Five Steps To Fireproofing Your Warehouse

Your New England warehouse is an investment, not to mention a functional space for employment, workflow and storage. When warehouse fires occur, they can spread quickly, becoming life threatening to your staff in a matter of moments. This is why fireproofing your warehouse is an essential step in protecting your investment and the people who work there.

Fireproofing doesn’t ensure that a fire will never break out. Rather, it uses high tech strategies and coatings to reduce damage and fortify your structure giving employees more time to escape and fire fighters more time to quell the blaze.

We Take Safety, Seriously

Here at Kaloutas we take safety seriously across the board, going above and beyond the industry standard in safety training and best practices. Our commercial painters are highly trained in properly installing intumescent and fire retardant protective coatings, to prevent damage and increase safety in your warehouse. With locations in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire our team is both large and flexible, ready to meet your needs on even the most complicated time frame.

Here are 5 steps for effectively fireproofing your facility.

5 Steps to Thorough Fireproofing Your New England Warehouse

Training and Safety- Ensure that your employees are trained beyond compliance and understand how to work with the highly flammable items or processes in your space. Hold regular trainings and review fire extinguisher use, locations and evacuation plans.

Smart Storage- Stacking pallets too high or allowing trash to overflow increases the risk of warehouse fires. Utilize smart storage and best practices to reduce your risk. Never allow product overflow to block safe exit strategies.

Safety Striping- Put warehouse striping to work for you. Using commercial flooring solutions, the professional painters at Kaloutas can clearly mark pathways and fire extinguisher locations, making for easy access and quick exits if needed.

Invest in Fire Retardant and Intumescent Coatings- Intumescent coatings are simply high tech, fire retardant paints that foam up in the event of a fire, which slows the spread of fire and heat penetration. They come in a variety of colors and finishes, and look just like normal paint until activated by a fire.

Work with Your Fire Department- Collaborate with your local fire department, ask them if they see any hazards in your facility and let them know what chemicals and processes you’re working with in the event they are called to your site.

How Can Kaloutas Protect Your Investment?

Give us a call today at 978-532-1414 to discuss fireproofing your New England warehouse using flame retardant commercial painting products or drop us a note online to schedule an estimate.

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