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Thermal-Acoustic Insulation Services


In any commercial building, business owners want to offer the most professional, picturesque, and inviting settings to all their tenants and visitors. Reducing noise from occupant to occupant and, in this part of the country especially, warmth retention can change an obligatory stop to an enjoyable respite. Keeping your clientele (and their clientele) happy helps ensure occupancies remain filled and guests look forward to returning.

By implementing thermal-acoustic insulation services with Kaloutas, you will be up to code, enjoy improved R-values, and mitigate excess noise, all while remaining aesthetically pleasing. 

What to Know About Thermal-Acoustic Insulation

Invest in Thermal-Acoustic Insulation with Kaloutas

There are several moving parts of a commercial building, often with multiple trades taking place under one roof, so appropriate fireproofing might be challenging to understand without working with an experienced team of fireproofing experts. When you invest in industrial fireproofing in mixed-use buildings, occupancy classifications dictate fire and building code requirements, including fire-rating, insulation, and noise reduction/transmission. Design teams must come up with a strategy to separate residential, commercial, storage, utility, or parking. Teams must also ensure the approaches to achieve one goal are compatible with the strategy to achieve another. This allows production to continue, causing little to no downtime for your business as the team continues to make improvements.

For example, an architect can accomplish a fire-rating goal with spray-applied fireproofing, but some methods to achieve an insulation rating (R-value) and noise reduction (NRC) will adversely impact the performance of that fireproofing. It takes an experienced team who understands commercial fireproofing and understands your business and how you operate so that your fireproofing is consistently reliable. 

At Kaloutas, we operate on your schedule while offering fiberglass-based, spray-applied thermal acoustic insulation, which is compatible with most fireproofing products. We feel confident about spray-applied insulation since it is effective against UV exposure in addition to providing flexible and adequate fireproofing on all parts of your assets. The rigidity of insulation will last against UV damage, fire, and time. These thermal-acoustic products are designed to deliver insulation R-values and acoustic noise reduction in tandem with fire-resistance materials. The final result is both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Why Thermal-Acoustic Insulation Is Right for Your Business

With adequate thermal performance, you will save money during the fireproofing process and long after. When you maximize your R-value per dollar, you are ensuring your building's integrity as a whole. The fiberglass, spray-applied thermal acoustic insulation that Kaloutas installs does not settle or loosen. It provides proper protection through the years. Your thermal performance will remain optimal, protecting the life of your facility and everyone who enters.

Like every other facility, you will experience fireproofing damage in one way or another. When implementing preventative maintenance programs with Kaloutas, we will take proactive measures to ensure your fireproofing is up to code no matter what. Even after time and wear and tear, we will fix your compromised fireproofing with fireproof patching services, ensuring little to no downtime for your facility so you are able to continue working while remaining compliant with fire codes.

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