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Commercial Caulking Services

If you’re a facility manager or general contractor, you can’t afford to have moisture damage and other structural issues disrupting your production. Kaloutas provides commercial caulking services as part of our comprehensive commercial painting and facility maintenance services.

What to Know About Caulking Services

Is Your Caulk Damaged or Failing?

If you’re having any of these costly facility issues, failed or damaged caulk is a likely culprit:

  • Water Damage: Moisture damage around the seams of interior walls, windows, and doors are a sign that caulk has deteriorated or was improperly applied. Discoloration, leaks, or mold growth are sure signs you need to call a commercial caulking contractor before paint damage or structural damage worsens.

  • Drafty Rooms: Are your offices, work areas, or retail spaces feeling more drafty than they used to? It may be time for fresh caulking and sealants. Caulking seals rooms where they are otherwise most vulnerable to air escaping. Getting caulking done is a proactive way to keep your workplace more comfortable, while keeping energy costs down, and warm or cool air inside where it belongs.

  • Pests: Pest control is a greater hassle when painting and caulk are failing because, no matter what other measures you take, pests can still get in through the cracks where caulk is damaged or degraded. Fresh commercial or industrial-grade caulk will keep pests outside, making for a cleaner and more pleasant work environment inside.

More than Maintenance: Does New Caulk Have Other Benefits?

New caulking is certainly an effective way to raise health, safety, and cleanliness standards in your warehouse, facility, or other commercial site. But caulking has other practical benefits, including:

  • Aesthetic Improvements: Since one of the primary functions of caulking is to seal and cover cracks and other structural imperfections, caulking has an added benefit of covering those issues and instantly improving the look of a room. That means you’ll make a better first impression inside, and have stronger curb appeal outside.

  • Noise reduction: Caulking is an effective strategy for noise reduction, which is particularly useful if your business operates in a multilevel structure, or in close proximity to other businesses. Properly applied caulking  can be one of the many painting maintenance improvements you make for a more inviting, functional commercial space.

Why Hire Kaloutas for Commercial Caulking Services?

Kaloutas is trusted by business owners across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire to provide the highest standard of commercial and industrial painting and caulking services.

When you call Kaloutas, there’s no need to juggle contractors for facility work. We can plan and execute painting maintenance projects throughout the year at multiple locations, so you can focus on serving your customers and making quality products.

As with every service we provide, Kaloutas teams will apply new caulk with a no work stoppage guarantee. That means we work around your schedule, and on your timeline, to get the job done without interrupting your work, or disrupting your production schedule.

Get caulking— and all your painting and maintenance— done by expert, OSHA-10 certified crews. Call Kaloutas for your commercial caulking estimate today.

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