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Fire Resistive & Intumescent Paint Coatings Services


What to Know About Fire Resistant Painting

Invest in a Fire Resistive & Intumescent Painting Relationship with Kaloutas

It’s no secret that fire can destroy the integrity of your commercial facility almost immediately. This is why Kaloutas recommends fire resistive painting services. With our regular inspections, we will work with you to stop small issues from becoming larger catastrophes where you, your people, and your building will be in grave danger. Avoid facing liability issues and a massive bill if something catches on fire in your business and little to no downtime when taking the proper precautions with the experienced team at Kaloutas. 

Fire Resistive Plans from Kaloutas

Fireproofing with fire resistive paints, also called intumescent coatings, solves multiple problems that you may not even think about until an issue occurs. For example, many facility owners don’t know the importance of protecting something as essential to the integrity of their building as steel beams, something considered already fireproof. At 1,000 degrees, steel can lose up to 40% of its strength; at 1,500 degrees, steel can lose up to 90% of its strength. Since the average building fire can reach temperatures of 1,500 – 2,000 degrees, that is a serious problem for maintaining the structural rigidity and tensile strength, and that can lead to collapse.

Fire resistive paints slow down the spread of a fire within a facility and protect its integrity. This means you and your staff will have a lot more time to safely and effectively exit the building before its integrity is compromised. Adding these intumescent coatings to your building will show your people that you care about their safety and significantly reduces the chances of employee injury and downtime if there is a fire. With fewer damages, you will be able to get back up and running with a healthy team of people, saving you time and labor costs. 

By fireproofing components like steel structures, wood, drywall, and concrete, the fire department is allowed more time to put out the fire so that your building won’t immediately crumble. With less damage comes a smaller insurance claim, saving you money and the headache of having to deal with insurance companies.  

And finally, it’s essential to stay up to code when running a commercial facility to avoid major liability issues. If there are code infractions, you’ll be looking at a lot of wasted money in fines. 

Through effective communication, extensive knowledge of multiple industries, and because we understand your health and safety protocols, you can rest assured your business will remain operational, clean, safe, and maintained as long as you’re working with our team.

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We Know Fire Resistive Painting Services

Fireproofing gets damaged all of the time, even in new buildings. Whether builders and other trades are accidentally chipping away at the fire resistive paints or an old building is in dire need of restorative fireproofing, Kaloutas can help. We will determine the proper method and material for fireproof patching. This allows construction to continue and for you to move on with repairs and improvements in other areas while staying up to code.

We also understand that every building will have different needs. In mixed-use buildings, we will determine what the building occupancy means for fireproofing codes and what actions to take. The team at Kaloutas will understand the Fire and Building code requirements, including fire-rating, insulation, and noise reduction/transmission of your facility. We also understand that teams must ensure the approaches to achieve one goal are compatible with the strategy to achieve another among the many considerations such as space, aesthetics, and performance. We will ensure all fire resistive paints are effective and aesthetically pleasing so you can move on to your next project and keep your business running. 

Let’s Work Together

Ready to create customized fire resistive painting services for your New England facility? Kaloutas is proud to serve the dynamic and diverse New England region. If you want to get to know us and our services, contact us or give us a call at 978-532-1414.

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