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A Weekend Industrial Tank Transformation in Salem, MA

Posted on Friday, June 24, 2016

For this particular Salem painting project, there were three major considerations that drove the details: time, transformation, and cleanup.


As with many of our industrial and commercial painting projects, time was of the essence. In order to not interrupt our client’s own operations we agreed to complete their work over a weekend, allowing these tanks to get back to work on Monday, fresh and ready for action.

We’ll dig into the prep and paint details below!


As you can see in the photos above, these surfaces were heavily corroded. Not only is this unsightly, but for many clients compromised coatings can quickly translate to compromised products and commodities. Maintaining a healthy surface is always the wisest, and safest, containment strategy.


When the transformation process was complete, we thoroughly cleaned up the work site so that the only sign we were ever there was the refreshed paint on the tanks.

What Did the Surface Prep and Painting Process Include?

Because quality surface preparation is the heartbeat of an enduring painting project, we began by completely removing the existing failed coating and the rampant rust as well. We did this by first using a wire brush, then hand scraping the surface. As a side note, this is what we primarily had to clean up when the work was done.

Once the tanks were cleaned and prepped for paint, we used a DTM (Direct to Metal) product. Suitable for a variety of applications, DTM paint offers excellent adhesion, corrosion resistance, and a durable, glossy finish. These are all ideal attributes for a product that needs to cling to and protect metal surfaces year round and in all kinds of weather.

Another Fully Satisfied Industrial Painting Client

The work was completed on-time, and as promised. Our client was so pleased, in fact, that they offered to be used as a referral contact.

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