Abrasion Resistant and High-Wear Urethane Coatings

Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Abrasion Resistant and High-Wear Urethane Coatings

If your facility flooring damage includes frequent abrasions and similar wear and tear, you can’t afford to keep halting work to repair, resurface, or recoat industrial flooring.

Abrasion resistant and high-wear urethane coatings are a great option for warehouses and industrial sites that put a lot of stress on their flooring. These coatings are low-maintenance once installed. With proper cleaning and upkeep, they can last for years to come.

What to Know About Abrasion Resistant and High-Wear Urethane Coatings

Signs You May Need Abrasion Resistant and/or High-Wear Urethane Coatings

If you notice any of the following on your flooring, it’s time for servicing:

  • Scratches

  • Fading or discoloration

  • Dull finish 

  • Excessive wear to the system in high-traffic areas

Many industrial sites see the benefits of high-wear urethane coatings and abrasion resistant systems. If your work requires regular movement of heavy equipment, large quantities of product, lots of foot traffic, or frequent machinery use, your flooring needs to stand up to the challenge.

Invest in Heavy Duty Coatings

High-wear coatings are a good investment if your teams work in a heavy duty industrial setting. 

Having appropriate coatings expertly applied means lower maintenance flooring with greater cost-effectiveness. 

Don’t risk improper application or inexperienced installation. Hire an industrial flooring team trusted throughout New England to install durable flooring that can withstand your production demands.

Leaders in Flooring Installation and Maintenance

Kaloutas teams know industrial flooring and have decades of experience installing, resurfacing, and coating industrial floors. We work according to your health, safety, and security guidelines to ensure your flooring performs well, passes inspection, and keeps you compliant.

We’re committed to a proactive approach to facility maintenance. We have the expertise and equipment to correctly clean industrial flooring and maintain coatings, so you can focus on keeping your warehouse, manufacturing facility, or industrial site running smoothly.

We complete every cleaning, painting, and flooring project with a no-work-stoppage guarantee. We work the way you work, so your productivity is never threatened or interrupted.

Ready to take your industrial flooring to the next level? Invest in high wear urethane coatings for a longer-lasting flooring system. Contact us today for a high-wear urethane coating estimate.

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