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Applying 35 Different Paint Colors to a Commercial Property in Bedford, NH

Posted on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We were recently asked to help prepare a large commercial space for a popular New Hampshire grocery store (you might even shop there!) that was moving in. With colors to choose and designs and decorations to consider, it’s a little like moving into a new house or apartment, only on a colossal scale.

And, instead of choosing between a few wall colors, this interior commercial painting project involved over 35 different colors and 2,000 gallons of paint.

Not to get overly technical in our terminology, but that’s a lot of paint.

Flexible Interior Painting - We’re Adaptable!

One of the elements that added to the complexity of this project was the fact that the corporate decisions relating to signs, graphics, and final colors were a work in progress. This meant that we needed to be willing to change and update colors as-needed, often repainting sections that had already been painted. We were happy to do this! After all, at the end of the day the goal is to have a flowing, cohesive design that accurately reflects our client’s colors and branding.

Which Surfaces Did We Paint?

In addition to painting the walls and door frames, we also painted their massive exposed ceiling deck and structure. To keep things humming along smoothly we used a dry-fall acrylic coating from Sherwin-Williams, expertly containing the painting process as we progressed.

Our containment procedures are a specialty of ours, and allow simultaneous projects (and work by other trades) to continue unhindered as we paint the areas overhead.

Be sure to click through our project photos above to get a better sense of the work we did.

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