Applying Stylish Interior Paint and Wallcoverings in Easton, MA

Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2015

If you completely ignored the rest of this blog and focused only on the photos above, what would you assume you were looking at?


High-end apartments? Maybe a classy hotel? After all, the stylish, modern design, attractive common areas, and obvious attention to detail all point to accommodations that offer a certain degree of luxury.

Before you ask for a room key with a suitcase in tow, we should tell you that this is an assisted living facility (you may have to wait a few years before they let you in). Brand new and boasting 82 units, this beautiful place in Easton is specifically designed to offer a safe, comfortable, and attractive place to live for our older citizens.

We were asked to put the finishing touches on this new facility, and it was our pleasure to help.

Interior Painting, Wallcovering, and Gorgeous Custom Stain

Our interior work here could really be broken down into these three main services:

  • Wallcoverings - Professionally-hung wallcoverings are not only functional, but they offer another level of sophisticated, customized style and texture. Hanging them flawlessly requires an experienced, talented hand.
  • Staining - We applied custom wiping stain to the standing and running trim, stairs, and railings.
  • Painting - In addition to our standard painting techniques, we also needed to spray some of the custom millwork to ensure a smooth, even coating. These elements were beautiful, but required a little extra attention during both the painting and staining process.

As we completed our responsibilities, we also had to work in conjunction with the other trades. This kind of communication and coordination is something we focus on heavily during our projects, since we are often dealing with strict deadlines and busy construction environments.

If you haven’t already, be sure to click through all the photos above. It’s a beautiful place, and we are thrilled to have played a part in the finishing process.

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