Certified Antimicrobial Floor Systems - What’s Growing Under Your Feet?

Posted on Friday, October 21, 2016

Either your industrial flooring is for you, or against you...


Industrial flooring rarely plays a neutral role in your facility. Or, at the very least, it won’t stay neutral for long. Either it’s an asset that is designed to further your operations by performing as it should, or it’s a hindrance. And, in extreme cases, it could be an actual liability.

At Kaloutas, we want to be sure that you are fully informed when it comes to your industrial and commercial flooring options, and understand why those options are so important.

Antimicrobial flooring is a perfect example of how the space under your feet can either be an ally or an enemy, and has special importance if you work in the food, beverage, medical, or pharmaceutical industries.

Health Risks Growing Right Under Your Feet

In our recent overview of moisture mitigation systems, we touched on the fact that concrete is actually a breathing, permeable material. Its porous nature allows moisture vapor to pass through, and even the finest concrete floor is riddled with tiny crevices and capillaries.

These damp crevices are the perfect hideaway and breeding ground for a variety of contaminants, including:

  • Microbes
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Spores
  • Molds
  • ...and more!

Does Frequent Washing Protect Your Floor From Microbial Growth?

You might be thinking, “Well, this isn’t an issue for us. We maintain a rigorous schedule of routine deep cleaning, including hot water washes.

While that is a good practice, it actually can contribute even further to microbial development. Those deep cleanings, especially when used in conjunction with extremely hot temperatures and powerful chemicals, will scar and wear down your walls and floors. This, in turn, creates whole new neighborhoods for bacteria to fill.

How Is An Actual Antimicrobial Floor System Valuable?

As opposed to topical treatments or harsh washing, a customized antimicrobial floor system stops the problem at its source. It has multiple layers that provide deep, penetrating protection that can withstand the inevitable wear and tear of your daily routines and operations.

How else is it effective?

Its seamless, non porous surface prevents contaminants from reaching into your floor, increasing the effectiveness of your cleaning regimens.

Biostatic effects that are included in your antimicrobial floor system also kill fungi like mold, mildew, yeast, algae, and bacteria at the source.

If that’s not a flooring ally we don’t know what is.

Talk To Your Industrial Flooring Expert About the Best Antimicrobial Floor System for Your Facility

Specialized paint, flooring, and coating systems are rarely one-size-fits-all. We recommend talking to us about your specific environment so that we can truly find the best option to meet your needs.

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