Commercial Painting in Stratham, NH - A Sweet Project to Be Part Of!

Posted on Friday, September 11, 2015

Tucked inside a green pocket of southern NH woods, there is what many people would consider a little slice of heaven on earth: a sprawling, shining chocolate factory. And, not just any chocolate factory, but one of two Lindt sites here in the U.S. (Europe boasts six more).

They have tempted me personally every time I wait to check out at the grocery store, and often have found their way home on special occasions. Or, at least almost all the way home…

The Lindt factory recently expanded, adding a massive 177,702 square-feet of production space, offices, and a break room. Also not surprising is the fact that everyone working in this new expansion seems to be smiling. Maybe this is because of the prevailing cheerful attitude, the rich, nutty smell of chocolate in the air, or because of the free samples being handed out. Maybe all of the above! It’s hard to say.

Painting New Construction

This was actually not the first time we have had the opportunity to work at the Lindt factory. It was a pleasure being asked back!

Below is a brief look at the surfaces we painted and the products we used:

  • Ceiling Deck - As you can see in the photos above, the ceiling deck was expansive. We painted it a bright, light color to increase reflectivity and visibility, and specifically selected a multi-surface acrylic from Sherwin-Williams. This was a dryfall paint, keeping the process neat and efficient.
  • Drywall - We chose a zero-VOC latex from Sherwin-Williams. Not only is this a durable, quality product, but it also is virtually odorless. This creates a healthy, non-intrusive environment for everyone else at work.
  • CMU (concrete block) Walls - We used zero-VOC latex paint on the concrete block as well.

Creating a Paint Containment Unit

We certainly weren’t the only ones working hard to get this factory up and running on a tight schedule. Numerous other trades were working their magic as well, including masons, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC professionals.

To minimize any mess as we sprayed the deck with dryfall paint, we constructed a floor-to-ceiling containment unit out of thick sheets of plastic. This painting bubble, if you will, allowed us to coat the ceiling section by section in a way that both kept our space neat and made sure we didn’t slow down the other trades.

How Did It All Turn Out?

This project was finished on-time and with beautiful results. Be sure to click through the photos above to see the different aspects of our work! From the stylish, modern colors of the office areas to the tough coatings of the production space, we’re proud of the finished product.

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