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Commercial Painting: When is it Time to Repaint Your Business?

Posted on Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Commercial Painting: When is it Time to Repaint Your Business?

If you’re a business owner or building operations manager, you keep a close eye on your equipment, facility maintenance, and everything else you need to do to keep your company running day to day.

Your business’s paint job can often be the last on your list, since it seems to occupy the background of your day-to-day operations. But the truth is, a well-maintained paint job is good for your bottom line.

How to Tell It Is Time to Repaint Your Business

Business Interior Painting: What to Look For

When evaluating your commercial painting needs, check your business interior for any visible issues with the paint job:

  • Is the paint cracking or peeling from the walls or ceilings?
  • Have subtle movements of equipment, desks, chairs, or people over time worn away paint or caused marks?

If you can see that the paint job has become tarnished, it’s time to call a painting contractor to freshen things up. Your contractor can also alert you to issues that may be lurking beneath the surface of your paint job. For example, unseen moisture or temperature changes in your space may be affecting your painting finish. Once you’ve taken stock of your interior paint needs, it’s time to check on your office building exterior.

Commercial Exteriors: When is it Time for a Fresh Coat?

Painting goes a long way to enhancing the curb appeal of your business. But what is curb appeal? Consider this explanation from Hortica:

“Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your store’s exterior when viewed from the street.  It forms potential buyers’ first impressions of your business, and more often than not, someone’s decision to walk into a store hinges greatly on how it looks from the outside. This is why improving your curb appeal to be more inviting and aesthetically pleasing is so important.”  

Similar to your interior, your business exterior paint job may be affected by moisture and subject to fading over time. You may decide on a touch-up or a fresh coat depending on your needs, your budget, and the recommendations of your painting contractor. If you’re going through a rebrand or a refresh of your company image, a new palette of colors for your paint exterior could get you off to a great start.

The weather can definitely affect your paint job. The lifespan of your paint job can be impacted depending on the weather when it was applied. Severe weather and resulting structural damage to your building could cause moisture damage to your walls and ceilings that would undoubtedly affect your paint job.

Custom Painting Advice for Your Business

If you’re wondering whether your business interior or exterior needs a fresh coat of paint, it’s probably time to take a closer look. As a general rule, if it’s been more than a year, it’s time to evaluate your painting needs.

Are you unsure whether to repaint, retouch, or refresh the look of your business? The commercial painting experts at Kaloutas can help. We can customize your painting project or facility maintenance needs according to your budget, your industry requirements, and your branding guidelines.

We’ll work with you to get the job done without stopping work or interrupting business. Don’t wait for more cracking, peeling, or fading. Request your commercial painting estimate today.

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