Custom Painting, Wallcoverings, and Vinyl Graphics in Woburn, MA

Posted on Thursday, May 14, 2015

In reality, the title above doesn’t quite do justice to the scope of this project!

We were asked to help put the finishing touches on a freshly-constructed building in Woburn, MA. This isn’t out of the norm for us, but this particular project called for special design elements and intricate styling that made it a particularly fun and unique endeavor.

Specifically, our work involved the following:

All of this came together to create the exact interior style that this business was looking for.

Adding Extra “Wow Factor” to Exterior Walls

Going a step or two beyond traditional exterior painting, our client wanted a multi-colored square pattern on their concrete walls. We were able to do this by carefully measuring and marking off each square. Then, after they were painted, it created a really eye-catching, textured look.

To see what we did in living color, please feel free to scroll through the photos we’ve included above!

Do You Need Expert Painting or Wallcovering Services?

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