What to Include in a Facility Maintenance Plan Template for Industrial or Commercial Use

Posted on Monday, April 08, 2019

What to Include in a Facility Maintenance Plan Template for Industrial or Commercial Use

As the old saying goes, “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail” – and we believe that’s just as true for facility maintenance.

If you’re in charge of building operations management for a commercial or industrial space, make sure your facility maintenance plan is comprehensive and relevant to the demands of your workspace, the needs of your employees, and the safe manufacturing and delivery of your product or service.

Poor Planning = Greater Risk

Perhaps the greatest benefits of thorough facility maintenance planning are risk reduction and hazard avoidance. The more comprehensive your plan, the lower your risk of health and safety hazards, contamination, damage, and work disruption that could be caused by things like flooring imperfections, a peeling paint job, or a lack of proper industrial cleaning.

What to Include in Your Template

If you’re creating or revising a facility maintenance plan template, we suggest including the following elements:

Focus Areas: You need to determine which areas of your facility need maintenance or upkeep. 

  • Painting Maintenance: When paint peels and chips due to light, smoke, or moisture interference, sensitive products and industrial processes could be compromised, too. 
  • Utility Checks: Do all lights, switches, and water/electrical fixtures work properly? Is there any frayed wiring?
  • Ceiling and Floor Maintenance: These are two of the most overlooked areas when it comes to commercial and industrial facility maintenance. Yet their damage can be some of the most costly and time-consuming to repair and replace.
  • Parking and Vehicle Safety: What’s the condition of your parking lot? Is it level and well-lit? Are spaces delineated clearly?
  • Equipment: Make sure hanging equipment works properly and that resting equipment isn’t causing damage or wear and tear to your flooring or walls.
  • Marking and Signage: Are proper wayfinding signs in place and clearly visible? What about emergency signage? Are there clear walkways that allow ample space for people, product, and equipment? Are hazardous or dangerous areas/storage clearly marked?
  • Cleaning: Depending on your industry, your commercial or industrial space may need regular, specialized cleanings
  • Doors and Windows: Are they properly sealed to prevent moisture interference and airborne contaminants?

Scheduling: Don’t wait until there’s a problem to fix something. Schedule regular walkthroughs and check-ins throughout your space to ensure compliance and safety, and to keep the running of your business on track. Make sure you document changes and updates along the way.

Emergency/Accident Preparedness: Make sure all employees and facility maintenance personnel know what to do if there’s a hazard, accident, or emergency in your commercial or industrial space. Post this information throughout your facility and conduct ongoing education as needed.

Execution: Who is responsible for what aspects of your facility maintenance plan? How do you document maintenance and follow-up? If you don’t have the manpower or resources to do certain cleaning, painting, or maintenance projects in-house, are you working with a contractor who understands your industry requirements and compliance needs? Are they getting the job done to your satisfaction without interrupting your business? 

Proactive planning is a great investment in your business. We can help you revise, expand, and execute your facility maintenance plan so that your commercial or industrial space stays safe and industry-compliant. And we can do it all with a no-work-stoppage guarantee, so your productivity never takes a hit. Ready to get things done? Schedule a walkthrough today.

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