How Commercial Cleaning and Painting Can Grow Your Business

Posted on Monday, July 22, 2019

How Commercial Cleaning and Painting Can Grow Your Business

If you manage an industrial facility, you do not want your products to be contaminated, your equipment to be compromised, or your company’s reputation to be dinged. Regular cleaning and painting throughout your industrial facility or commercial space provides an array of solutions and makes a great impact on your clients.

Benefits of Commercial Painting and Cleaning

Cleaning and Painting Go Hand in Hand

While many industries need stand-alone cleaning projects, industrial clients also include cleaning as part of their larger facility maintenance programs. Proper industrial cleaning is necessary before completing a paint job. For example, if you are manufacturing medical instruments or other very sensitive equipment, you do not want particulates you cannot see falling from your ceiling and bar joints and contaminating your product because the painted surface was not properly prepped. If you work in an aerospace manufacturing facility, proper cleaning avoids fire hazards associated with carbon fiber, which can be ignited by certain particulates.

When building your industrial cleaning plan, do not forget about pressure and power washing, sandblasting, FOD containment, floor cleaning and polishing, and epoxy resurfacing. Create a plan that includes floors, walls, ceilings, machinery, and fixtures.

What Can Cleaning and Painting Do for Your Business?

Cleaning and painting your equipment or facility infrastructure can make a big difference for your bottom line. We have seen it make an impact across fields and industries:

  • Clean ceiling decks and bar joints prevent airborne contamination and improve health and safety.

  • Cleaning around new equipment after replacing your machines maintains the integrity of your space.

  • Keeping fixtures maintained, and seeing to upkeep in high-traffic areas, gives your business or industrial facility a uniform look and feel.

  • Maintain your brand standards with machine painting to match the colors, paint, and sheen throughout your space.

  • Prepare for client walkthroughs, corporate visits, and meetings with investors by making sure your facility infrastructure is properly cleaned and maintained, year-round.

Keeping your industrial space clean and your equipment painted is key to creating an inviting, polished space that conveys professionalism and makes a great impression.

Cleaning and Painting for Your Industry Needs

When hiring someone for industrial cleaning, be sure they understand the cleaning and decontamination needs of your industry.

  • Do they know how to prep, treat and clean machines and equipment?

  • Are they available throughout the year for proactive cleaning and decontamination?

  • Do they work with your health and safety protocol, no questions asked?

Kaloutas has experience in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, restaurants, agricultural facilities, breweries, health services, universities, and more.

We are committed to “working how you work”, no matter your field. Our foremen, painters, and cleaners are committed to maintaining your standards. We work around your production needs and create specialized containment to protect your facility infrastructure. Your daily operations should not have to be put on hold in order for you to benefit from the highest standards of industrial cleaning and painting.

We can help you prepare for and execute cleaning or painting jobs no matter your schedule, without stopping work. Contact us today for your industrial cleaning or equipment painting needs – and do not forget to ask for Jay!

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